Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OBVIOUS: Drew Curtis thinks most news is crap.

Actually, there's a lot of real news on Fark... But you have to be a TotalFark member to see it. When it gets to the front page it's due to a really clever slugline.

Fark's Drew Curtis On How "News" Isn't News - Public Eye: "The number one question I get when I meet people who read my website is 'Where can I go to get the real news?' The implication is the major news outlets aren't meeting this need. Most people I've talked to are convinced that they're not getting valuable information from news media anymore. I'm not talking about tinfoil-hatters either, these are intelligent people who believe their news media has failed them.

It's not just consumers that are annoyed by this. Journalists themselves are in the same boat. I've met hundreds over the past few years, they're disgruntled and angry because they went into journalism to cover real stories and make a real difference, not waste time discussing drunk Germans getting arrested driving down the street in motorized wheelchairs."

The trick, of course, is to run the real news in a sidebar. At least folks will be exposed to the real news. You see, I do differ with Drew. I've been long aware that if it's a choice between kittens and Cheney, kittens will win every time. "If it bleeds, it leads" is an expression that was probably invented in Sumeria. "Fluff Pieces" and even "crap news" have their place - as enticements. It's like coating a pill in peanut butter so the dog will swallow it.

The problem is, we have gotten nothing BUT adorable kittens and bleeding leads from our media for the longest time now. And as for our opinion-makers and editorialists, well. We used to have Jack Anderson. Now we have Anne Coulter.

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