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John Best's So-Craptic Dialogue

John Best conjures the shade of Phaedrus who promptly runs screaming from someone who makes Socrates seem tolerant and egalitarian.

Or in other words, he's commenting anonymously on his own blog. There can't be two people with the same writing style and the same exact fixations. Or at least, one sincerely hopes this to be the case - and if not, one hopes that they are of the same gender so that they cannot breed.

Foresam said...

It's hard to believe that any sane person could consider Seidel a colleague. As I stated on Orac's blog, they might not fully understand Neuroinsanity.

I'll have more to say about this later.

Wed Apr 09, 09:12:00 AM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does "Nambla" stand for again?

"North American Man/Boy Love Association"?

As far as I am concerned what Seidel is associated with something every bit as nasty and loathsome.

They may or may not put their hands on people when they do what they do, but Neurodiversity with its autism 'lifestyle' obsessive fetishist behavior and goals at keeping autistics as severely disabled as is possible combined with their blatant unblinking victimization of persons disabled by autism is every bit disqusting and every bit as much a crime and a taking advantage of a group of people, whether they are sometimes children sometimes not, its their disability that makes them targets for this evil group and in every way what they do molests rapes and exploits persons with autism.

99% of them are twisted fetishists who indeed very much 'get off' on the idea of autism and I have long held a deep core gut feeling that they hungrily read every word ever written about autism, pass themselves off as 'autistic' as much as is possible and so help me they get online and 'admire' those with autism in images and videos in a very sick and sexual way.

Its why they have their little so called 'culture' of autism, not a bit unlike those who excuse and justify other sexual deviant behaviors, develop entire communities and roleplaying around their deviation that goes with it and justifies it to themselves.


Tell me that Baggs and Tisconcik don't share a mutual twisted 'love of autism' -- its why they and their minions scour the 'net all their waking hours and prattle on endlessly about it, they're getting off on it.

Seidel and her crew couldn't do any worse if they were associated with "Nambla"

Ultimately I don't see a difference between it and "neurodiversity" at all.

Wed Apr 09, 02:35:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anon above, very well said and so true. Autism is nothing more than the latest fetish to many people, and those obsessed with it are the high functioning aspergers types (if they even have Asperger's at all) Instead of looking for ways to improve their behaviours they revel in them, copy each other and can't wait to tell everyone they meet that they are autistic. Go on Youtube and look at the idiots at Autcom bragging about being autistic. It makes me sick.

Wed Apr 09, 03:57:00 PM EDT

And people wonder why I'd rather deal with the rather less toxic nonsense of social conservatives, flat-earth creationists and the Church of Reganology. Once a year I must remind myself what sort of insanity I fled.

By the way, John; speaking of obsessive, perverse concentration upon the supposed sexual behaviors of others - does the term "projection" ring a bell? Hateful people tend to accuse others of precisely the things they most loathe in themselves.

I believe I speak for many so-called "aspie perverts" when I say "eww" with the direct implication that your self loathing is not at all misplaced. "Perversion" is a way of saying that a person has a sexuality that is "abnormal," and I think that almost any rational person would giggle at the thought of you being in any mental or moral position to pass judgment on normalcy.

Not when you suggest that to criticize someone's financial motives for pushing dangerous treatments is the same as associating their name with the National Man Boy Love Association.

For the sake of your argument, a comparison to Dr. Mengele would be far more apt. He actually did inject children he considered subhuman with toxic substances in a quest to cure them of their Semitic attributes.

But Kathleen has not suggested anything of the sort nor do I. We find the facts in evidence compelling enough. I merely point out that it would have been a better-constructed straw man.

I suppose I should thank John for being as being the unapologetic essentialist he is, expressing without apparent embarrassment that which is hidden behind the smiles and paternalistic facades of those better able to conceal the overflowing cesspits of their subconscious fears and imaginations.

John Best is the Mike Savage of the Autism community - and in his way, as good an example of what sort of person you have to be to hate like he does. It's such examples of "normalcy" that cause me to celebrate my distinct differences.

Hans Asperger on the prognosis for autistics.

I stumbled across this on zazzle. It's the first time I've ever seen the quotation and I find it rather inspiring.

Asperger Quote mousepad

"For success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential." -Hans Asperger

I'm going to make my own version of that quotation. I'm thinking of putting it into my blog header, too.

But here's another Asperger quotation that is perhaps more to the point of the month:

We are convinced, then, that autistic people have their place in the organism of the social community. They fulfil their role well, perhaps better than anyone else could, and we are talking of people who as children had the greatest difficulties and caused untold worries to their care-givers.[3]
Yeah. What he said. I perhaps might add that one's success may well be inversely proportional to the degree with which worry and difficulty translates into "interventions" designed to minimize autistic distinctions that serve our distinct social purpose.

What is that, you may well ask?

Well, I'd have to say, if I were forced to explain my own role and generalize based on other aspies I know, it would be reality checking and social criticism. (Or systems analysis, looking at all sorts of different systems and rules sets.)

As children, our expectation that rules, strictures and diktats should make sense often gets us into a great deal of trouble, and as adults we tend to look back and try to make sense of it all.
He [Asperger] followed one child, Fritz V., into adulthood. Fritz V. became a professor of astronomy and solved an error in Newton’s work he originally noticed as a child.
I can just imagine how well that went over in a properly Germanic pedagogical context.

Well, I imagine it was received about as well as criticisms of the revealed doctrines of ABA and Chelation Therapy, or the observation that a treatment that improves a co-morbid condition, such as gluten intolerance, is not therefore a "cure" for autism, or indeed, suitable for all persons with AS issues.

I suspect that the sons and daughters of those obsessively searching for ways to impose normalcy upon them will grow up to be an immensely productive disappointment to their parents. I know that my father's form of bigotry made a deep impression on me, and my personal disconnect between internal reaction and facial expression probably saved me many a beating, such as the day he informed me that he was a much more valuable person than Martin Luther King, because he, my father, was a blue eyed white man.

Yeah. To this day, racism strikes me as being indescribably stupid, the refuge of those with no better distinction than being a completely undistinguished member of a visible majority - and generally an example most other members of that majority would do well to exclude.

The tragedy, of course, is that in attempting to suppress what I was and am, my parents spent little or no time considering how to inform and empower my abilities, being focused exclusively on what they saw as my deficits.

Neither seemed able to understand why I was so ungrateful for the benefits of their tender concern, or my lack of interest in continuing in that same vein once I was legally permitted to ignore them.

Even so, I consider myself immensely lucky to have not "benefited" to the extent many persons on the AS spectrum have - and the rates of both suicide and homicide of autistic spectrum persons tends to grimly underline the dark side of "awareness."

For some, "awareness" promotes xenophobia, rather than compassion. When you see that reaction - dissociate yourself. Fear is contagious - and it does more to debase and destroy families and civilization than any degree of autism could. And I factor the cost of care into that equation.

Credit: Asperger Quote by jillgo4th

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tip of the hat to Fafblog...

  • Unintentional hilarity on the part of Kenneth M. Pollack.

    tags: Kenneth M. Pollack, iraq war, irony impaired, iraq, irony, intentions

    • "We appreciate your pro-active enthusiasm, but Steven Colbert is not seeking interns at this time." - post by graphictruth

    • what I most wish I had understood before the invasion was the reckless arrogance of the Bush administration. I had inklings of it to be sure, and warned of the inadequacy of some of what I saw. But I did not realize that as skillfully, cautiously and patiently as George H. W. Bush’s administration had handled its Iraq war, that was how clumsy, careless and rash George W. Bush’s administration would treat its own.


      Kenneth M. Pollack was a former director of Persian Gulf affairs at the National Security Council. He is a fellow at the Brookings Institution.

  • HECKuva job, Kenny.  Where did Bush FIND these people???

Fafblog! back to save the universe.

Fafblog! back to save the universe.: "Were We Wrong?
So for the last five years all the liberals and the hippies and the nattering nabobs of normalcy have been coming up to Giblets and going 'Was the war a mistake Giblets?' and 'Are we losing the war Giblets?' and 'Oh look at all the dead people Giblets, maybe we should stop the war.' And the correct answers to these questions have been 'Shut up,' 'Shut up you traitor,' and 'We'd be winning already if you'd just shut up.' But Giblets is a patient Giblets and is willing to entertain even the most tedious requests of his dullest subjects, especially if it gets him published columns in Slate and The New York Times. So was Giblets really wrong? Was the war a mistake? Were we right to blow up the moon?"
Fafblog! Now, more than ever!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blogger ensnared in hotly contested autism-vaccinne lawsuit

I blogged about this earlier, but this particular story has the best chance of making it to the Digg front page. Please help punch it up, it's a very important story with widespread ramifications."It may not be safe to blog about controversial areas of science. A lawsuit is challenging the scientific evidence that mercury-containing vaccines are not linked to autism, and one blogger's commentary on the case may end up making her an unwilling part of it."

read more | digg story

Monday, April 07, 2008

In the matter of Shoemaker v. Seidel; Court of public opinion; The Hon. Bugs Bunny Presiding.

Thanks in part to it being April, Autism Awareness Month, the Neurodiversity Weblog has managed to set of a minor firestorm, both within and increasingly outside of the core Autism blogging community. But not all by themselves.

They had help from an unlikely source in bringing wider attention to the post which in the normal course of events, would have remained unnoticed by the great majority and certainly widely ignored within the blogging community of the Law, though the author, Kathleen Seidel is well-known within the Autism community.

The story itself is about a particular settlement in vaccine court, which is being cited by "mercury moms" as being "proof" that mercury really does cause autism, though it was judged as being possible in this quite particular case and Vaccine Court standards do not rise to even the "balance of probability" standards of ordinary civil court.

neurodiversity weblog: The Commerce in Causation:

"News outlets have been brimming with the story of Poling v. HHS — the first Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) claim included in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (OAP) that has resulted in an award to petitioners. The case first attracted widespread attention on February 25, when Evidence of Harm author David Kirby issued a triumphant proclamation of the award on the Huffington Post. This was followed the next day by Mr. Kirby’s publication of the partially-redacted text of a theretofore confidential U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) report, which recommended compensation to Miss Hannah Poling due to the likelihood that a vaccine reaction aggravated a maternally-inherited metabolic disorder and led to development of a seizure disorder."
The article goes on to examine the economic motives of one particular player in this somewhat sad and misleading tale in the usual dispassionate impersonally merciless way Neurodiversity is known for. The article reveals that there is another peculiartity of Vaccine Court - council is paid regardless of outcome.

And the council in this case is the same as in many, many, MANY other cases.

This storm of publicity surrounding Poling v. HHS has prominently featured career vaccine-injury attorney Mr. Clifford Shoemaker — a founding member of the Omnibus Autism Proceeding Petitioners’ Steering Committee, counsel to the Poling family, and long-time business associate of Dr. Mark Geier.

Now, this would not embarrass any ordinary attorney; a specialty is something that you get rewarded for doing because you are very, very good at it. It's what lets you eat steak instead of rice and beans, and that's something worth having known, even if you are very very good at something that many folks would consider kind of - well, grasping, opportunistic and mercenary, like say, "Ambulance Chasing."

But Seidel 's article reveals that if Mr. Clifford Shoemaker had to rely on making successful personal injury tort claims in a court of law with the usual standards of evidence, and on a contingency fee - he'd probably need a second job.

Over the last 18 months, he's 7 for 15, but either way, he gets paid. Now, you might wonder if that is because he doesn't feel the need to be selective - considering he gets paid either way. That was my initial thought. Cynical, perhaps; opportunistic, of course - but not presumptive of incompetence.

But to "deal with" Seidel he decided a quick and dirty variant of a SLAPP suit was in order.

He had Seidel served with a subpoena that - well aside from it's obvious tactical and punitive character, also serves to inadvertently, but clearly demonstrate the reason he's working in this "sheltered workshop" of the Law. If you don't wish to read the whole, Paragraph 9 is a howler; while paragraph five clearly indicates that he has at least mastered the copy function in a browser - it's contents being neurodiversity's blogroll!

In the inimitable words and tones of Tweety Bird: "He don't KNOW me vewwy well, DO he?"

Siedel's response is a masterpiece of classic aspergean reasoning - and demonstrates a far better grasp of both the relevant law and the relevant political climate than that of the supposed professional

Compare the subpoena to Sidel's pro se "motion to quash." It's the difference between an elegant and spare recorder solo - and a TAPE recorder solo.

Quite aside from your position regarding the causation of autism and who may be responsible for it, which person would you want drafting a brief in support of your cause?

Indeed, which person would you want working at your law firm? I raise a toast to the imaginary firm of "Dawson And Seidel"

It's not an entirely silly idea, is it?

Related Reading Update:
New York Personal Injury Law Blog: Abuse of Process: Blogger, Unrelated to Action, Hit With Subpoena

Great article and links to other blog reactions.


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