Saturday, July 05, 2008

John McCain, heeere's your sign!

The Ultimate Asshole Bumpersticker is available at Cafepress.
Get it now, before it Evil Liberal Censorship causes it to disappear!

I have a "no torture" design at Cafepress which I think is rather good and I was trying to see why I was losing the sales race. I think I've sold two or three, total.

Well, the answer is, it's a good design, but there are a few better ones, and clearly hundreds of better-promoted ones.

But right in the middle of scratching the curiosity itch, I found a design that says "I support waterboarding."

I had to know what combination of stupidity and ignorance of our Constitutionally-recognized basic human rights would provoke creating such a thing - much less the idea of slapping it on the ass of your car.

As the saying goes; "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it."

Assholes create enemies at an exponential rate, and right now, our foreign policy is being determined either by assholes like this, or the fools who PANDER to assholes like this, apparently ignorant of the brutal reality of legitimizing the opinions of Camaro-Driving Assholes.

I found the one you see at the top of the story. And that's your GraphicTruth for the day and a succinct summation of WHY civilized nations DO NOT FUCKING TORTURE PEOPLE.

FIRST: You make enemies, enemies that may one day be in a position to do you a serious injury.

SECOND - and more immediately - When you torture people, other people treat YOUR people accordingly.

THIRD: When you torture people, they do indeed talk. They tell you exactly what you want to hear. When people tell you exactly what you want to hear, you find out that applying that "intelligence" can lead you far, far astray. Like, for instance, where we are right now, in Iraq.

Where we torture people.

To get "intelligence."

So, like, how's that been workin' out for us?

FOURTH: Those people who understand this and who are supposedly on your side realize that you are adding to their own chances of being tortured or blown up without warning. As a result, you make enemies you don't even know about.

The vast majority of Europeans, Canadians, Australians and of course 70% of the American people can see, hear and understand the consequences and outcomes that are inevitable when you let the asshole drive the Camaro with the Red White And Blue decal onna hood that makes it go even faster!

The FBI, which does not exactly have an institutional tradition of tender concern for the rights of the accused, nonetheless maintains a strict policy against torture that not even Alito could subvert. Why?

Because torturing people gets you false leads, false confessions and acquittals - as well as making you an easy mark for disinformation. Or in other words, aside from the national security situations this causes, it can lead to the public embarrassment of elected and appointed superiors!

Even when those superiors are apparently immune to being embarrassed by the fruits of their own incompetence and malfeasance, those real-world, national security issues remain.

Remember, it's the FBI that was and continues to be our counter-intelligence arm, they went up against the best-trained agents the KGB and the Chinese could send. And, once or twice (at least), Mossad.

They learned patience and have a remarkably good record in getting real intelligence from people, without those people being converted into terrorists in the process; something that Gitmo has rather notably achieved.

But this sort of ruthlessly patient professionalism is unacceptable to the sort of Camero-Driving Assholes who think that there can be no "victory" without someone being beaten to a bloody pulp. And, quite clearly, not only do they feel they have enemies, they positively delight in making them - ignorantly and indiscriminately.

Do you think John McCain is gonna think that's funny or even remotely appropriate?

Now, like all assholes, you may well be about to say "whatcha gonna do about it," or maybe "It's a free country" or "I got a goddamn RIGHT to say whatever I want!"

Indeed. But then, if these things are true, they are true for all of us, not merely the sort of asshole who drives a Camaro as if it were a spooge filled, condom-less penis aimed at the faces of their fellow citizens.

While it is certainly "First Amendment speech," the First Amendment says nothing about legal, non-violent consequences - ranging from mockery to boycotts to direct objections to Cafepress. Those communications are also protected by the First, And Greatest Amendment.

Care to shake your fist at me? Let me refer you to the Second Amendment and Common Law. Or in other words, it's unwise in the extreme to use physical force against people who are too civil to simply beat the crap out of you on general principles. "Civilized" does not mean "pussy."
Indeed, civilized nations and persons tend to be rather better prepared for violence than others - since they rather commonly run into this sort of situation and need to have a variety of options to deal with it. Those options most definitely involve physical force.

Then there are the consequences that, while not being protected by the first or recognized as legitimate by the law, can nonetheless be expected to occur on a statistical basis.

I sure as hell would not want to be parking anywhere NEAR a National Guard or Reserve outfit with that on the back of my car. Never mind being keyed, it's entirely possible that I'd find an APC parked on it.

An APC with this sticker slapped on it's ass.

Feel free to pass this on to Cafepress ( and inquire as to whether the bumpersticker (and indeed, the shop itself) meets their Terms Of Service.

Or you can call Cafepress toll free at 1-877-809-1659. If you are outside of the US, please call 1-402-517-4480.

How many flips can a flipflopper flop if a flipflopper could flop flips?

StumbleVideo - McCains YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Oh, that's painful.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Colin Powell Slams Bush

A nicely-timed Bush-Whacking, delivered in Vancouver, BC. as reported in the Vancouver Sun.

Powell said that every word of what he called his 'infamous' presentation about WMD (in Iraq) had been vetted by the intelligence community -- 'and I had no reason to disbelieve it.' The former secretary of state has previously described his prewar UN speech as a 'blot' on his record.

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The gist of the story was the announcement that he was not yet certain whether he would be voting for (read, endorsing) McCain or Obama and that decision would come down to "their passion and policies."

I'm sure the public ambiguity will be clarified to each in private, should they ask.

But for my money, this was THE quote:

"We will not be terrified into changing our way of life because of some guy [Osama bin Laden] hiding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan."

Chickenhawk Smears Clark;Tries to Speak for Military

clipped from

by: Brandon Friedman

Thu Jul 03, 2008

I just got done watching the clip below with a couple of Army buddies. We thought it was pretty funny how the doughy chickenhawk kid--Ben Ferguson--felt he was entitled to speak on behalf of the military. Non-serving, tough talkers like Ferguson are endlessly entertaining to us.
FERGUSON: You have a man that was shot down, stayed in captivity as a POW for five years and your guy--if you want to talk about experience--had 147 days in the Senate before he decided he wanted to be President of the United States of America. So it's pretty dumb for Wesley Clark to go out there and yes, it ticked off everyone in the military because this man--I mean, I'm sorry, being shot down, to say that doesn't qualify you to be President-this man has been around war, been in actual war zones while Wesley Clark was sitting in an air-conditioned room, telling people what to do with NATO, so I don't know if he's exactly the right guy to go out there.
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Remarks below preserved because I'm on my first cuppa coffee and can't yet think for myself: BK

But the fact that CNN had this kid on to talk about things for which he has no understanding wasn't the only thing that was disturbing. I love how it's totally unacceptable to give anything other than glowing reviews of John McCain's military experience in Media World, while it's okay to slander General Clark's military service.

After Ferguson said that Clark had "ticked off everyone in the military," he went on to say that John McCain had "been in actual war zones while Wesley Clark was sitting in an air-conditioned room, telling people what to do with NATO."

Ben needs to brush up on his talking points, because Clark was actually shot four times in Vietnam, and left the country on a stretcher. Most people would consider that having been in an "actual war zone." And to be honest, the next person to debate this kid on TV should ask for an apology--or just ask him what he has against wounded Vietnam veterans.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

For want of a friend, a pair of shoes were lost...

The Dark Wraith Forums / Mortar Man

It's a story about an ordinary soldier being "stop-lossed," presumably because he's got a vital skill and nobody (Republican or otherwise) has stepped up to do their presumable duty in a time of legitimate war. So much for the republicans arguing from the home front that this war is vital and necessary - were that true, they'd be sending their own sons.

As they are not, ordinary Joes are sent time and time again, until they are dead or used up completely.

The story is best read in original context; this is one. Suffice it to say that all the really informative war stories are about people and the connections between them, both made and abruptly severed. Oh, and the fact that much can be made about which soldiers get sent where.

You see, the vital skill for this particular soldier is "Mortarman."

That's what we call "human intelligence" folks. We could use more of it in Washington. In ALL senses of the phrase.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Standards, Schmandards: 77 violations, no enforcement.

Brad Blog: A Concrete Example of Why the Voting System Test Standards are All Form and No Substance...

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

UnPuzzed design available for free at SpreadShirt.

 If you are puzzled by AutismI've made my signature "unpuzzled" graphic available for free at SpreadShop. This makes the design easily available to anyone who wishes to fund-raise for neurodiverse causes and have at least one really excellent design to start with. (I'd like to see others, I'll probably make a few more - but company would be welcome.)

I've key-worded it "puzzle-piece" and "unpuzzled," but since you are reading this, all you need to do is follow the prompts after clicking on it.

Or just click the links below.

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

If you are puzzled by Autism

There's more...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

For the best in (spurious) Bore-Stroke Compatability

We here at have a solution for men with any size penis who want everyone to believe, probably mistakenly, that they have an enormous johnson, without the possibility of doing anything to change the size of their penises.  To do this, we pledge to sell the finest penis reducing placebos available today, using only government-approved placebo ingredients, shipped in boxes with our logo and name emblazoned in large type on all six sides.  We are the premiere male ego enhancement product on the market today under $10.

  • Our products are all placebos, designed to not affect the size of the penis in any way (save the unexplained placebo effect).
  • Our boxes, approved by all shipping services, display our logo and name in large type on all six sides.
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    Satire in a bottle! Irony in a capsule! Perhaps the best 9.95 you could ever waste!

    Especially if you send it to a Republican Politician who insists on dicksizing the rest of the world.


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