Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wait, wait, I have a T-Shirt for that!

It's been a Zazzly day. I got a notice that I'd sold another Darwin design on Zazzle - and started looking at the numbers. To my astonishment, my Darwin designs are now outselling my No Whining designs - and to make it both topical and interesting - this has been since the election. Prior to then, I may have sold one or two items - since then - well, I've moved dozens. Well, more accurately, people came looking for them - they must have done, because I do almost no promotion, other than this blog. Now, that tells me that people are getting fed up with the nonsense and are willing to take a public stand. I'm delighted to report that one of these has sent to Fairfax, VA, and - this classroom sized "I Heart Darwin" is... well, I'm hoping it's in a science classroom in New York.

The biggest mover seems to be Darwin Ties - and I threw a new one into the mix today. I have to say, I've looked. You won't find better designs on Zazzle, at least. I'm thinking that points to "science teacher."

But that meant I was poking around, and I found several of those annoying "keep the change" designs. I just couldn't leave it alone (And it may come in handy later.)

And then somehow I managed to find myself on Digg, where someone was commenting about Kieth Olbermann's special comment in regard to Dick Cheney.

" — "It is time for you to desist or to be made to desist," said Olbermann in Thursday's special comment. "With damnable words you protect no American, you serve no American and you aid and abet those who would destroy this nation from within or without. ... Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!" VIDEO included."

Someone thought that would make a good t-shirt. I concurred... and found that it could be stretched to two. Well, the second one really references John Stewart.

Dickless! shirt
Dickless! by webcarve
Many more t-shirts online at
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Anyway, I had fun and I take comfort in the fact that these images are probably the most intelligent thing I could have said today. If you enjoyed them, pass them around. :)


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