Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have just one question; Are you safer now than you were six years ago?

The Gun Toting Liberal » Blog Archive » Consultant embarrassingly hacks FBI passwords, including those of FBI ‘top dog’ with simple, easy to download software

I frankly do not understand how so many of you can call RealID, the USA Patriot Act, wiretapping, and data mining “good ideas” when you can all clearly SEE that the Government is turning such information over to “terr’ists”. Maybe not on purpose, but what do you call it when they cannot hold onto a laptop with every Veteran’s personal information and they cannot password protect their data mined and wiretapped databases? Obviously, the “terr’ists” have all of this information now since they are widely known to be light years ahead of our own Government when it comes to the Internets.

And you think it is a good idea to provide our Government with all of this private info just so your “Gubmint” can catch the “terr’ists”? What the hell are you THINKING?

"Intelligence Gathering" begins at home. Let's start gathering some this coming election. Sen. Ted Stevens is merely one documented example of this dire problem.

May I suggest some simple competence test for our elected representatives? Perhaps something along the line of urine-filled footwear?

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