Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm a pundit now?

Newsvine - Web 2.0 V.S. the Hacks of Fox News

I've joined Newsvine, it seems. I need to stop opening new accounts! But Blogger was down this morning and I had to get my fix.

I'm pretty happy with the results:
It used to be that if you were a political party with a large chunk of the MSM behind you, enforcing your message, you pretty much had things as you wished - a lock on the reality of the moment and the later "truth" of history. Nothing that disagreed with the consensus reality would ever make it into the broad consciousness of the American people before everyone who had a stake in the consensus were long dead.

Well, so much for that. History is being written in real time and is accessable for the first time to individual voters long before politicians, plutocrats and pundits would prefer.

Indeed, here am I, an ordinary and remarkably underconnected person, pontificating away in a forum that, at a rough guess must attract as many readers as the newspaper of a medium to large city. Not only that, but my words will not fade or wrap fish - you will be able to find them, archived on the web so long as there is a web.

Please drop by and tell me what you think. :)

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