Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evolve - A graphictruth from someone else for a change...

Originally uploaded by progresswear.

And it's a damn pretty picture, too.

2 comments: said...

Hi Bob,

Not only did you plug my shirt, but it appears we share the same last name. Best of luck to you here. Sign up for our mailing list, I'll keep you posted on our stuff:

best wishes

Patrick King

Bob King said...

I wish we did actually share the same name. "King" is my nom-de-plume, though in most ways it's more real than my "real" name.

I'm going to add a plug for your watercolors, which I think I like better than your oils. I'm not sure why, maybe it's that they are too successful at conveying the mood of places I'd rather never be.

"The Visitor," in particular is the distallation of an awkward moment done so well that it's almost as horrifying as being there. Congratulations, I think.

I must say that your commissioned portraits are amazingly vivid, not just as art, but as illustrations of personality. In the case of this one, one wonders who gets it in the divorce settlement. And I bet the guy loves it!

The whiskey in the wife's plastic cup, the averted, thousand yard stare, the rock on her finger, his casually calculated "museum watch" display. You even captured the line of his hair plugs. It's a freakin' brutal graphictruth.


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