Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good News, Bad News, Local News.

And, yes, I DO take it personally: Next up: "A historic battle over the U.S. constitutional system"

And ain't that gonna be fun? Don't expect the Dems to lead the charge on this; it's going to be the netroots and the vast majority of the american people who consider themselves "independants."

Anyway, It's a sort of good news/bad news day.

Good news: control of the house. Bad News: Nancy Pelosi - is she up for it? You might wanna just put her number on speed dial, and add her congressional email to your blog update lists, just to let her know you have an eye on her.

Bad news: Senate still up for grabs. Good News: Senate IS up for grabs.

Worst news: Looks like we may have to impeach Jim Gibbons.

Best News(Blogger Readership division) Looks like we may have to impeach Jim Gibbons, making Nevada Blogs actually interesting to the rest of the world.) At any rate, the

Bad News: Carter Campaign collapsed, Ensign seems likely to keep seat. What the HELL happened to the Carter campaign in the last two weeks?

Good News: Carter, underfunded, ignored by media and most of the Democratic party, STILL took Cook county and huge chunks of the vote. DAMN respectable showing and a real wake-up call in a race that the smart money would have said would not be a real contest. The results are still not official, but so far, Ensign has managed to eke out what is probably a margin of victory, unless absentee ballots change the picture entirely. I've been completely unable to find any

In a sense the result is still okish, because O'l Cripple-Kicker just got himself a wake-up call. When the Democratic son of the most Liberal Democratic President sucks nearly 3000 votes out of Elko, NV, that is what you would call a "clue."

I would call upon all Nevadans who have personal difficulties with the federal goverment to call upon Ensign for aid in the matter and share what response you get with folks such as me. He and the GOP paid heavily for this victory, and if you voted for him, I bet you feel he's gotta owe you something.

And he does, oh boy, he does!

We who are now active in the netroots have learned is that "when the cat's away, the mice will play." So, whoever you were backing to win, and whoever did win, and however you feel about that, you need to send the eventual victor a little note and a reminder that you are not going back to sleep. For the entire duration of their term, they are going to find your name on the list of weekly correspondents with their office. Make a point of it. Because when it comes down to it, most of the problems we face at the moment are due to a lack of oversight on our part.

As a blogger, I'll be waiting to see if something falls out of HIS closet - given his linkages with the Evangelical machine and the local Republicans, it's highly probable there's something off-balance, hidden behind the forgotten laundry on the top shelf.

And The LV Gleaner points out that The Hair Club for Republicans has a silver lining for... well, anyone other than fellow Republicans:

Nevada's Other Senator will now be the new Elizabeth Dole (except with better hair), which is to say he'll spearhead the 2008 GOP Senate campaign effort. Why have the Hair Do's wingnut colleagues entrusted him with such an important responsibility? Of the 33 senators who have to defend seats in 08, 20 of them are Republicans, and nobody else wanted the job. Throw in Ensign's work ethic, which is confined primarily to iron shots and putting, and it's safe to say Harry Reid's Democratic majority is going to get bigger before it gets smaller.
Trust the Republicans to put the least qualified in charge of offices of any importance - even when it affects their own future. Clearly, a foolish consistancy IS the hobgoblin of small minds.

And the first fruits of this election manifested in the Resignation of Secretary Rumsfeld, to be replaced with someone from Bush Senior's camp, Bob Gates. Taken with the exodis of neocons and theocons from the White House, is this a sign that grown-ups are now in control of the President?

John McCain was quick to welcome "a new direction" and bump up his public profile. I think we can take this as indication that he's serious about a White House run, and I frankly would have to look favorably toward a Republican of McCain's stature and in the White House, given what I see as a high probablity of indisputable Democratic control of both houses by 2008. I'm pretty sick of one-party government, and I'd mislike having to go through the last six years again.
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