Monday, March 19, 2007

A Republic, if you can keep it: H.R. 1022

A Republic, if you can keep it: H.R. 1022: Blogging a comment by Lester Luttrell:

"April 19th, 1775, when the British came to relieve American colonists of their arms, they were shot.
This is celebrated as patriots day, not 9/11 as has been changed on the calender.
That is the line in the sand to the true patriot.
HR 1022 is the tyrants coming after your arms.
Say no. Resist.
And if perhaps all of the bad people who are trying to kill you, aka, criminals cannot be stopped by our politicians, then we need to be responsible enough to protect ourselves - with firearms."
The constitution IS "just a scrap of paper" if it cannot be enforced by the people whom it empowers and defends from authoritarian nonsense. To that end, Graphictruth strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and private ownership of very capable firearms - though I tend to think that high-capacity arms are not as important to a well-trained militia as they are to regular forces. A "well-regulated militia" does well to rely on aimed fire - and police it's brass!

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