Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh, look, CBS noticed Ron Paul

A Texas Libertarian Starts To Make Waves - Public Eye

Paul, love him or hate him, articulates a coherent ideology better than many of his competitors – as the fact that he seems to inspire near pathological devotion in his followers. Look at the press coverage: The Washington Post profiled Paul's young campaign coordinator in New Hampshire; today posted among its top stories a piece about how Paul's fans inundated the site after the recent presidential debate. He's even winning over Jon Stewart, who had Paul on the "Daily Show" and said to him, "[y]ou have accomplished no small feat, which is, you’re running for President, very much as an underdog, yet you’ve created a nice little buzz going about the Ron Paul candidacy."
Praised with faint damns, I see; CBS does not get it. Not the first time; as I recall they were blindsided by both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both who "came out of nowhere." Clearly CBS needs to expand it's definition of "somewhere."

Ron Paul's appeal is really, really simple: Real ideas and real answers for real questions and real issues. Paul does not dodge, deviate or triangulate. He has the same answer for the same question regardless of who's asking. Most importantly, he's a Libertarian, which means that his primary ethic is that government should not mess with other folks, whether they be foreign folk or domestic folk.

He's fiscally conservative and socially liberal, save for the issue of abortion - which he is personally against. However, he figures that whether or not YOU have an abortion is between you and your own conscience.

Frankly - and I think Republicans need to hear this - Ron Paul is the only person running as a republican who has enough broad-spectrum appeal to be honestly electable. Everyone else will be depending upon successful election fraud to win this thing.

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Bret Moore said...

Precisely. They will wake up, sooner or later. The establishment hacks are being outflanked in a big way. Prepare for real revolution.

Devil's Advocate said...

Check out an article I wrote about Ron Paul titled, The “Goldwater” Conservative. It is about the importance of Ron Paul in the Republican Party.

Devil’s Advocate
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So, Don’t forget to link/ blogroll to our site.

Randall said...

Who IS Ron Paul? They still need to know!!
NOBODY explains Ron Paul
BETTER than Ron Paul himself!

Here is an interactive audio archive of
Ron Paul speeches and interviews as a resource in chronological

The power of mainstream media is well documented right here in this 2003 film.
It will rock your world(view).


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