Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome to the Blogosphere, AlphaMale. Buy a cup.

AlphaMale has made an interesting debut into the Blogospere, with a premise and post that's like to get him in a face off with a lot of sistas doing "that thing" with their heads.

There is a growing number of sisters that have purchased into the theatrical theme "Something New" (whereas the ideal mate for a sucessful independent black woman is a white man), which suggest that black men are all uneducated, unsucessful, unloving or sex crazed. Believe it or not, there are websites and blogs galore that support this idea along with the mass media. Personally, I am liberal and feel that a person should be with whomever they choose. But, the reason that these themes suggest getting a man of non-color is almost always justified by the degradation of black men as a whole. I recently read a blog on this site where black men were accused of being the creators of racio-misogyny (the hatred of a race of women). I can say in all honesty that SOME black men are perpetuators of this evil, but the belittling of black woman began long, long before them. I'm not going to go into the history but with very little research you should find supporting evidence like uhh....slavery and jim crow laws.

But being politically incorrect about race allows one to say things that cannot otherwise be said - so stop and consider if there might be something to it. I was moved to comment from my own perspective and with a light touch. But on a more serious note, many of the problems associated with the Black struggle are cultural, and some of those cultural struggles and limitations are part and parcel of Black Culture itself.

On the other hand, speaking from an external perspective, it's a damn rich and valuable culture, commanding more influence over our general national culture than mere numbers would suggest. So when I say there are problems with Black Culture, I'm not saying adopt WASP solutions. Those "solutions" have their own costs and I, personally, don't think they are all that great a trade-off.

Besides, Whiteface is just as offensive and inherently undignified as Backface.

But I see AlphaMale's concerns to be not so much an example of racial perspective, but "in the box" perspective. And I'm a member of a minority who's distinguishing feature is the inability to see boxes.

More to the point, though, there has never been a better time to do business and succeed as a minority anything; the internet makes it possible to detour around racial and cultural chokepoints a nearly automatic process. It's lowered the capital barrier, and it's certainly lowered the research and education barrier.

That is to say, it is now as possible to become truly self-educated as it was in Jefferson's day for someone with access to a library, except that it costs a hell of a lot less to get into the library in the first place.

Let me show you two ways - just off the top of my head - where an urban kid of any color and the ability to hustle can make some decent money, as a path toward building their own urban empire. Seriously. and are two examples of online business opportunities where the only requirements are willingness to work hard and either your own talent or access to talent and inspiration.

My sites are here and here. I'd appreciate your patronage, especially if you become rich and famous. And of course, if you are a musician, you probably know all about Myspace and YouTube as maketing venues. There are probably thousands of other opportunities out there, from online marketing to small-scale import-export.

But I'd advise against dedicating your life to becoming rich. I'd rather advise you to dedicate your life to taking what you have and who you are and using that to make the space around you just a little better. That alone tends to generate capital, not just money, but more importantly, it generates social capital. Now that's a form of capitalism you won't hear much about from most capitalists. Just the really smart ones, like Warren Buffet.

I mean, it should be a shame when you die, don't you think?

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