Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rapid Response Politics.

Ron Paul, Politics and Zazzle.

Our Future is a Nightmare! shirt

Our Future is a Nightmare!

Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

Ron Paul ShirtNo, this is not a commercial post. Not that I'd mind if you bought one of my shirts, of course. This is far more about the fact that I can make Ron Paul shirts - or any other shirts - on impulse. In my case, the impulse was actually selling this Ron Paul shirt via Zazzle. Which was very cool, and of course caused me to click through to zazzle - and I hadn't done that for a couple of weeks.

Well, they have revised the whole user interface - and I was able to create and publish the design you see above by "customizing" an existing shirt in under ten minutes. If I had been unconcerned about keywords and had been sure about the new text, it would have been about three. And now they have a "zoom" feature that does amazing things to show off detailed designs like mine - so the artist in me is VERY happy with it. Check out both designs to see how well the new system works.

Ok, now start your own store. Why? Because this is not just about selling t-shirts, or even particularly about selling at all. This is about rapid response political speech. It's the way Citizen-Driven politics can counter the massive media and money advantage that backers of the Rudy McClinton's. Whether you support Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel, there's no reason to give up. Get online and make stuff happen - because at the very least, you can get enough eyeballs to see the right name and generate enough curiosity to get your candidate heard.

You see that slogan up there, with the graphic? Done the conventional way, with focus groups and marketing consultants and everything else, just generating the idea for that image - the campaign, completely aside from any media buys or any actual material objects, could easily eat up a hundred grand.

But it's my idea - it's why I am voting for him - and he doesn't have to approve of it to benefit. Now, imagine a thousand people each selling a few shirts and giving the idea itself to a few thousand others. Don't give money - donate a little time, thought and effort independently, while facing the disturbingly capitalistic idea that you might make some actual money.

Now, my Ron Paul "correct" shirt is an example of one way to go about it - I don't give the consumer any option with the image and message. But the newer one at top has text on front and back that can be customized. And that is why Zazzle is currently my first choice for online political efforts of this sort - because you have the opportunity to get a shirt up, published and linked the very day something happens, and the first orders will be on people's backs within three.

That's a killer app for politics - and pop culture in general.

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