Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Great source for weight loss products.

One of the great ironies of being on a diet is that you are literally paying more for less food.

Some of that is, of course, the fact that there are some real technical challenges in making less food with fewer calories satisfying enough replace our great cultural downfall - the double cheeseburger, large fries and 28oz drink sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

Hey, I'm a damn good cook, and I'm still struggling to get the calories, cholesterol and sodium down. So I know that you are paying in part for the science and some very complex formulas that it might not be possible to replicate in the kitchen, even if you could assemble the ingredients.

Still, there's a component of greed with an undercurrent of punitive glee within the weight-loss industry, I've always thought, and the irony of having to pay extra to diet has always struck me as somewhat unfair. That resentment (and the expense) can be a significant barrier to settling on a lower calorie diet that works for you and allows you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. That, and my great weakness- the 99 cent cheeseburger.

So it's great news that there's a website that's out there selling the same diet products you might get through a weight loss clinic or subscription program at significant discounts, with every indication that it's a stable, reputable and reliable firm, and of course without having to walk into a store and face a 97 pound blond teenage checkout girl.

They offer free shipping - so the price is what the price is.

Now, when you get there, remember to scroll down and read the disclaimer at the bottom. I'm saying this because these people are being up front - these products are not magical. They have to be used - and this is NOT merely a standard disclaimer - in conjunction with a sensible plan of regular exercise, in consultation with your physician.

Girls - as an aside, there are lots of men who prefer padded corners, so if you are talking about a couple of vanity pounds, and you are stable at that weight, I'd say new jeans are a better investment. But if you need to lose a good deal of weight, they offer products like Hoodia and Chitosan Fat Blockers with significant markdowns. BUT!

In consultation with your physician, please! These are the power tools of weight loss, they have inherent risks, and you need to balance those risks with those of being overweight. It's important that you monitor your health very closely while on any aggressive weight loss program.

If you need to loose weight, have a plan, are committed to sticking to it, this site will help. Not because any of these things are magic, but because they will make it a lot easier to put together a varied diet with appropriate supplements that you can stick to.

While you are there, remember the rest of the family. They offer a wide variety of high quality supplements at prices competitive with supermarket brands.

There is one other thing worth knowing about that could be considered a diet aid and you will not find here - although the concept will be found in many of the products, and it's spices and substitution.

So, while you are looking at these products and thinking about all the things you are going to miss, remember that if your spice cupboard is full, you can vary your diet even more, with the addition of no or almost no calories.

And I think - heck, I KNOW that in this ongoing adventure you will find things that are not substitutes for what you lost, but rather things you cannot imagine having lived your life without, and you might just find several of them here.

Soy based, high-protein cookies. Who knew? I wonder what they taste like? I may just have to order some...

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