Saturday, December 08, 2007

Funny- I think NOT

A Dacono, Colo. councilwoman resigned this week over what some branded a racist e-mail, but Sandra Tucker said she won't apologize for posting it.
In the e-mail, Tucker, 61, said that being a Democrat is worse than "being a black disabled one-armed drug-addicted Jewish queer" who has a "Mexican boyfriend."
She posted the e-mail on a local Web site and said she thought it was funny.
"I'm sick and tired of all of this political correctness," Tucker told The Denver Post. "I'm not going to apologize if you don't have a sense of humor."
The mayor of Dacono, a town of 4,000 in Weld County, asked Tucker to remove her posting but said that she refused.
She said she's not a racist but understands the posting has made it almost impossible to carry on her second term in the city council.She submitted her resignation on Thursday
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Bigots won't admit to it or acknowledge it. They excuse is always that people are too sensitive, or too PC. Here's a clue, if you use the "Too PC" excuse you just might be a Bigot.

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