Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LED Rope Lights

There are a lot of uses for rope light, as people are discovering.

“We are also finding that many of our customers are buying Christmas lights for permanent installation in their yards for general landscape lighting,” said Hill. The efficient LED string lights use so little power a homeowner could illuminate 2,000 lights for 8 hours each day for an entire year and only spend about $47 on electricity. “With such low operating costs and bulb longevity there simply isn’t any reason to not use them all year,” Hill concluded.

It's primarily used for decorative and guidance lighting, but with it's low-wattage needs, it's also a very good choice for RV and household emergency lighting. With red and yellow being the cheapest per-foot, it's a great choice for commercial signs, as a lower-cost alternate to neon and even as a potential do-it-yourself project.

At roughly half a watt per foot (DC) at 9 Amps, it's also a great source of portable camping and automotive illumination. I'm sure you can run it off car or RV batteries (with the proper interface) or just plug it into your generator using the standard AC adapter, and it will be a lot less load than incandescent strings. (I've asked them in email for the technical details.)

Strings of the red and white rope lights would probably be EXTREMELY welcome in Iraq, because of the durability and ease in setting up and taking down. Solid state devices are great when sand gets into everything.

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