Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My official response to the State of the Union

Think Progress has gotten all very exited about all the various inaccuracies in the State of the Union address, which apparently occurred last night, reportedly to RAVE reviews by those who bothered to watch.
clipped from thinkprogress.org

In Reno, apparently only one television station carried the SOTU. It’s hardly surprising, then, that those who actually sought it out would have largely positive responses.

Bush’s administration coined a term for such folk. “Dead Enders.”

As for the speech itself - no doubt as fine a piece of professionally-crafted twaddle as one might expect, mangled beyond recognition as we have also come to expect - who the hell cares?

The entire thing can be summed up as “yadda yadda blah,” and while of course I appreciate y’all taking the time to counterpoint each lie - I mean, contrafactual assertion - I didn’t need to know anything more than the fact that his lips were moving.

Hence, I did not watch, have not read, won’t be doing either. There’s simply no point in helping validate this pile of steaming horse-apples.

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