Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Offshore Rx Escrow firm saves you money; perhaps even more.

Cheaper prescriptions from DrugDelivery.ca.

As we all get older, our prescription costs take a larger and larger chunk out of our disposable incomes, such as they are - and no thanks to George Bush's cozy relationship with Big Pharma.

Well, in Canada and much of the rest of the world, the relationship between Government and Big Pharma is altogether different, and that's the main reason why worldwide drug prices are lower than they are in the United States. DrugDelivery.ca, an Online Pharmacy escrow service, is one way to get cheaper offshore drugs without taking a day-trip to Canada. That's rather impractical for most of us, when you think of it. Further, as they operate under the laws of Mariatus, you have a greater assurance of privacy than you would with a US or even Canadian based company.

But, can you trust them?

Here's what they say about themselves:

We want to be seen as the one place to come for all your pharmacy needs. We want to be the one company people think of when they want to order their prescriptions online safely and know they will get what they pay for – no fraud – no worries. In a business where there are so many shady businesses who will be happy to take your money and run or send you fake medicine it is really hard to position ones self as legitimate but we have been in business since 2004 doing just that, and that’s how we want to continue.
There's a great deal more about them on this page, and they have clearly invested a great deal in a great many online assurances.

Now, from my viewpoint as a Libertarian and as an opponent to all things supporting George Bush - this is a twofer.

First, you excercise your right to spend your money where it will do the most good - and without "sharing" that information with one of George's "privacy-enhanced" NSA-audited pharmacy databases.

The second, of course, is that it's taking walking-around money out of the hands of Big Pharma - and so out of the pockets of politicians in this election cycle. That could be a very, very big deal, so if you have no drug coverage, or your insurance company encourages lower-cost sourcing, consider this firm seriously.

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