Thursday, March 13, 2008

And Stupidity. Don't forget the stupidity.

Apparently the New Mexico Secretary of State is baffled. Well, so are we all.

The BRAD BLOG : Exclusive: NM Sec. of State Says Rep. Heather Wilson's Payment for Voters 'Very Odd':
"Cargo said the checks vindicate his allegations and prove that state Republican Party operatives 'are a closed little group who operate on the basis of hate.'"
It's clear from many, many examples of this sort of implosion over the last several years that the mentality and priorities required to be accepted as a bona fide "New(t) Republican" are incompatible with competent administration and leadership, aside from trivial matters such as intelligence, conscience, ethics and a regard for the interests and common sense of one's constituents.

You know how Heather Wilson was forced to admit that she had actually paid the entry fees for delegates to the NM State Party convention?

She cut checks from her campaign fund - instead of reaching in her purse and peeling off tens and twenties.

You know how the state party organization tried to cover up the scandal when former Governor Dave Cargo blew the whistle on the scam? They claimed they had paid his fees in 2004 and forged an invoice to "prove" it.

Oh, but that gets even better.

The forged invoice (or at least an intentionally deceptive one) was produced by a lawyer.

The accusation from Republican lawyer Pat Rogers—who in the past has been the party’s legal counsel—came in the form of an invoice. During the taping of the Eye on New Mexico program at the KOB-TV, Channel 4 studio, Rogers pulled an invoice from a stack of papers and said that four years ago, party operative Lou Melvin paid the $20 registration fee for Cargo to attend and participate in a delegate nominating convention.
It makes me think that there must be special programs that allow persons disadvantaged by congenital partisanship to pass the bar. Because I think that piece of paper with Pat Roger's fingerprints and party operative Lou Melvin's name would probably be enough to justify a serious investigation...

Oh, wait. It was. As any half-decent lawyer could have told you. Unfortunately, they had a REPUBLICAN lawyer.

People just like this; Paul Bremer, Dick Chertoff and "Heckofajob" Brownie are more prominent examples of this sort mystifying combination of hubris and stupidity, and apparently it's an attitude that's much emulated in the rank and file.

If there is a Republican party left after this election, perhaps it will be of so little interest to "the people who matter" that it can be retaken and rebuilt by actual Republicans.

Short of that, it's the way of the Whigs for them.

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