Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yet one more reason I don't regret being Aspie.

Everyone is for free speech, as long as the speaker sounds like them.
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I feel her pain - well, no, not really. And thank Ghu for that.

"I have stayed away from clipmarks from a while, in order to facilitate a more balanced life. I stopped visiting for awhile when I noticed some folks were taking my own opinions to be critiques of them almost personally. This scared me. It said to me that they and I were spending too much time here.

Need some real world connection ... when we care more about our invisible friends than the person next door or next to you in the bookstore, it is time to check reality.

We don't know each other on clipmarks we only know a portion of the person behind the keyboard. We know what they clip, not who they are."

Click thru and read the comments though; this is one of those "thinkers" I inflict upon y'all from time to time.

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