Friday, April 11, 2008

John Best's So-Craptic Dialogue

John Best conjures the shade of Phaedrus who promptly runs screaming from someone who makes Socrates seem tolerant and egalitarian.

Or in other words, he's commenting anonymously on his own blog. There can't be two people with the same writing style and the same exact fixations. Or at least, one sincerely hopes this to be the case - and if not, one hopes that they are of the same gender so that they cannot breed.

Foresam said...

It's hard to believe that any sane person could consider Seidel a colleague. As I stated on Orac's blog, they might not fully understand Neuroinsanity.

I'll have more to say about this later.

Wed Apr 09, 09:12:00 AM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what does "Nambla" stand for again?

"North American Man/Boy Love Association"?

As far as I am concerned what Seidel is associated with something every bit as nasty and loathsome.

They may or may not put their hands on people when they do what they do, but Neurodiversity with its autism 'lifestyle' obsessive fetishist behavior and goals at keeping autistics as severely disabled as is possible combined with their blatant unblinking victimization of persons disabled by autism is every bit disqusting and every bit as much a crime and a taking advantage of a group of people, whether they are sometimes children sometimes not, its their disability that makes them targets for this evil group and in every way what they do molests rapes and exploits persons with autism.

99% of them are twisted fetishists who indeed very much 'get off' on the idea of autism and I have long held a deep core gut feeling that they hungrily read every word ever written about autism, pass themselves off as 'autistic' as much as is possible and so help me they get online and 'admire' those with autism in images and videos in a very sick and sexual way.

Its why they have their little so called 'culture' of autism, not a bit unlike those who excuse and justify other sexual deviant behaviors, develop entire communities and roleplaying around their deviation that goes with it and justifies it to themselves.


Tell me that Baggs and Tisconcik don't share a mutual twisted 'love of autism' -- its why they and their minions scour the 'net all their waking hours and prattle on endlessly about it, they're getting off on it.

Seidel and her crew couldn't do any worse if they were associated with "Nambla"

Ultimately I don't see a difference between it and "neurodiversity" at all.

Wed Apr 09, 02:35:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anon above, very well said and so true. Autism is nothing more than the latest fetish to many people, and those obsessed with it are the high functioning aspergers types (if they even have Asperger's at all) Instead of looking for ways to improve their behaviours they revel in them, copy each other and can't wait to tell everyone they meet that they are autistic. Go on Youtube and look at the idiots at Autcom bragging about being autistic. It makes me sick.

Wed Apr 09, 03:57:00 PM EDT

And people wonder why I'd rather deal with the rather less toxic nonsense of social conservatives, flat-earth creationists and the Church of Reganology. Once a year I must remind myself what sort of insanity I fled.

By the way, John; speaking of obsessive, perverse concentration upon the supposed sexual behaviors of others - does the term "projection" ring a bell? Hateful people tend to accuse others of precisely the things they most loathe in themselves.

I believe I speak for many so-called "aspie perverts" when I say "eww" with the direct implication that your self loathing is not at all misplaced. "Perversion" is a way of saying that a person has a sexuality that is "abnormal," and I think that almost any rational person would giggle at the thought of you being in any mental or moral position to pass judgment on normalcy.

Not when you suggest that to criticize someone's financial motives for pushing dangerous treatments is the same as associating their name with the National Man Boy Love Association.

For the sake of your argument, a comparison to Dr. Mengele would be far more apt. He actually did inject children he considered subhuman with toxic substances in a quest to cure them of their Semitic attributes.

But Kathleen has not suggested anything of the sort nor do I. We find the facts in evidence compelling enough. I merely point out that it would have been a better-constructed straw man.

I suppose I should thank John for being as being the unapologetic essentialist he is, expressing without apparent embarrassment that which is hidden behind the smiles and paternalistic facades of those better able to conceal the overflowing cesspits of their subconscious fears and imaginations.

John Best is the Mike Savage of the Autism community - and in his way, as good an example of what sort of person you have to be to hate like he does. It's such examples of "normalcy" that cause me to celebrate my distinct differences.


Axinar said...

"And people wonder why I'd rather deal with the rather less toxic nonsense of social conservatives, flat-earth creationists and the Church of Reaganology."

Oh that's excellent ...

Yes ... I'm beginning to suspect that John Best is autistic himself.

I think it's possible he was SEVERELY abused as a child and learned to abhor anything "autistic".

What's sad of course is that I'm guessing his own parents never came to grips with the fact that they had an autistic child and they blissfully allowed him to take the risk of having children of his own without warning him of the potential risks.

It's sad in a way ...

Bob King said...

WEll, in the last regard, welcome to the club, John; if I was dxed as autie in any way as a child, it was never communicated to me.

Amusingly enough, all therapy stopped the moment the words "family therapy" were uttered.

But your speculation regarding abuse - well, I consider it probable, and that it is quite likely he's "AC" - on the spectrum in some sense - himself.

Of course, this simply goes to show the wide variation among AS persons, making it difficult to point to a "stereotypical aspie."

That, and the terrible results of a sharp mind condemned to the usage of dull tools - eg, the evident lack of critical thinking skills, the use of circular logic, the idea that a DSM entry is actually a definition of "insanity," (and the touching implication that the process is straightforward and objective.)

If you assume that, you might be hellaciously confused as to why Multiple Personality Disorder does not exist in the United States.

Really. No multiple personalities here. We only have Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is defined as a delusion that one has more than one personality.

Turns out it was a political struggle between theorists and practitioners, and the theorists won here, and not there.

Oh, and actual multis were not consulted in any recognized capacity. (We are rather well represented within the profession, but as far as I'm aware, not one has disclosed.)

One of the reasons I find this all so mind-numbingly tedius is this is the third time on the ride for me. First, the whole question of sexual abuse and recovered memory. Second, the whole explosion of awareness about Multiple Personality. Third; this.

And it's all SOSDD. In the first two, most of the same players were involved, this time around, I don't recogize so many names, but the same pattern of authoritarian outrage is identical.

And interestingly enough - as you point out - the abuse of children, or as they would put it, the proper right of a family to raise children as they see fit without "interference" by "busybodies" who
think that children are people with "rights."

Few will publicly defend things like beatings, incest and electroshock therapy = but privately, when they think they are in friendly company - all three are defended or even promoted. Not by all - but each by some and the more outraged and pro-active, the more likely they will be defending behavior that is indefensible, even if not unquestionably illegal - such as sending kids to known snakepit schools to be brainwashed (or worse) into compliance with parental demands.

It's really a shame that many of these parents were not treated with the luperon protocol themselves.


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