Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Hath The Patriot Act Wrought?

Help Tracy Ingle find justice.

Tracy is yet another innocent victim of no-knock warrants and the so-called war on drugs. Please read his story below and take a look at the limited press coverage of the incident. Everyone in America needs to hear about this.

Press Coverage - Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage

Information About the Incident

Tracy Ingle was asleep in his house when armed police using a no-knock warrant burst in. Unsure about what was happening, he reached for a non-functioning pistol, but began to drop it as soon as he realized who they were. The gesture was too late -- officers shot him 5 times.
He and his family are trying to get a lawyer to fight this injustice but do not have the necessary funds, yet.
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When there are real Grey Lensmen, we can try this again.

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