Monday, June 23, 2008

Go home, the Party's over.

Conservatives Anger with GOP May Be Party's Downfall -
"54 percent of conservatives feel so abandoned by the current crop of Congressional leaders and President Bush that they plan to reduce their contributions and/or grassroots work for GOP candidates in the next election. And 70 percent would support a principled conservative challenger running against an established incumbent Republican in a GOP primary.

'Conservatives feel betrayed by the Republican leaders, and they want them replaced,' said Richard A. Viguerie, chairman of, which sponsored the survey."
Wall, ain't that special?

l am unsure which aspect of this is more ironic; but it seems to me that the situation amounts to an agreement between old Cons and old southern racists that they have been played.


The Conservative approach to problems is one that leverages (and assumes) social and emotional intelligenceand is all about avoiding unintended consequences. Almost always, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

But there is no political or social philosophy that can survive massive willful stupidity and policies that depend upon deception. Conservatism requires a degree of honesty and a degree of humility that Liberals need not have. Indeed, a degree of arrogance and presumption could even be argued to be Liberal virtues. In the purest sense, of course.

There is reason that the most respected thinkers use both Conservative and Liberal principles in their reasoning. Liberal thought biases toward the "Thesis"; It is about idea generation. Conservative thought biases toward the "antithesis"; the "Negative Case." Blowing holes in ideas.

Both are required to interact in order to get too a workable synthesis. A synthesis is an idea that has been tested and found to be workable.

The current situation arose because Neocons are not Conservative. They have an affirmative presumption, even wrote it down. Its called the Project For A New American Century, and it is an impressively ambitious scheme.

"And then, Pinky, we take over the world!"

Only a true Liberal could assume such a madcap scheme would work.
Only a collection of fools and liars could think they could depend on so many lies being believed, much less produce any predictable outcome.

The only reason that Bush has any support at all is that the chaos he has unleashed creates so many opportunities for theft and looting. This is kinda like getting an endorsement from the Gambinos.

All these years our "Conservative" and "Christian" leadership have been exploiting our benefit of the doubt. Its proper and reasonable to assume competence and good will on the part of our Leaders, even or even especially when we disagree here and there. This is because the average Conservative assumes they are probably not as smart, well-educated or informed as the President. I mean, really, one should be able to assume that!

But results speak louder than words. That is a very Conservative aphorism. The results so far can be pleasing to no-one of a Conservative bent: I can think of few times in history when there have been more sudden changes for the worse for more people; and with nothing much to show for it. So, as a good Libertarian fiscal Conservative I must ask. "what's in this for me, or any other ordinary Citizen?" I am unsurprised that others wonder the same.

Now; when you have had eight years of Conservative promises leading to either the complete opposite or some even worse result, It's probable that a lot of folks will "Vote For Change" in hope that at least they can anticipate what charge will occur.

I anticipate Obama.

I hope that will be a good outcome, but it's the just outcome. The Republican party has earned a sharp rebuke.

It has become so corrupt that no honest man or woman can find a place within it and if they should, they will soon be driven forth by the patronage appointees, grifters, Robber Barons and religious fanatics who are now the Base.

Far too base for me, or any honorable person.

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