Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Diagram of The Plame Game

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Our job on this committee is to find out how the breach happened. Now, I'd like to show you a chart that we prepared on the committee --- you'll see it up on the screens, and we're putting it up here on paper. That chart is a graphic depiction of all the ways that your classified CIA employment was disclosed to White House officials and then to the press.

Every colored block on that chart is an individual, and every arrow shows a disclosure of classified information. That classified information was your CIA employment status. And the arrows are based on the testimony in Mr. Libby's criminal case and press reports. This chart shows over 20 different disclosures about your employment. Let me ask you, looking at this chart, are you surprised that so many people had access to the classified information about your CIA employment?

MS. PLAME WILSON: Yes, I am, Congressman. And I'm also surprised at how carelessly they used it.

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Putting politics before patriotic and professional duty will be the epitaph of this era. Waxman is right and has been right all along - these people must be impeached. And by "These People" I mean Bush, Cheney and all co-conspiritors. And then convicted. And then Prosecuted for racketeering, war crimes and treason.

This particular crime is, of course, treason. And if we are to believe "this is a time of war," then it would be treason during a time of war.

Karma. It's a bitch.

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