Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm All In

What she said.

Bullied to Death by Misogynists

"We make a difference in this world, for good or ill. There is no neutral. There is no Switzerland. There is only saying no to the indignities one human visits upon another—prejudice, hatred, humiliation and pain—or saying yes. And silence, the craven averting of one's gaze so the offense may take place out of view, is not a no. It is not ambiguous. It is a yes. Yes, go ahead, just don't do it to me. It is a permission, and a plea. I'll sacrifice her if you'll let me on my merry way. We routinely cede our expectations of goodness for guarantees of safety, but only our own, and we can no longer fool ourselves that men like these are aberrations; they are, in the void of unyielding solidarity our self-interest has left, inevitabilities.

There is no neutral. You're in or you're fucking out.

I'm all in."
That's the last paragraph.

The second, after a request to male feminist allies to read:

Rarely do stories sent to me about the real world effects of misogyny upset me as much as has this one, sent to me by Shaker Helen (who hat tips Hell on Hairy Legs). It was only after a rather extensive session of blubbing that I was able to start in on a post, not that I've got much brilliant to say, aside from: FUCK.
Yeah. Megadittos. To the extent that I'm dumping this in the feed as a bookmark. Because right now, what I want to say amounts to this - if you are in a situation that is so hostile that you cannot survive it and for whatever reason, you cannot escape it, why NOT take a few of the bastards with you?

I think I need to refine that position, and I will. After I punch a hole in a wall, or something manly like that.

BTW; Shakes; Not a "feminist ally." Just a fellow human being. As opposed to the sort of thing that caused this death. Those creatures are "Not Human Beings."

"Be done by as you did." Yeah. That's what I'm hanging the followup on.

Update: Not exactly. Maybe part three. GOD, this pisses me off. And yes, that was intended as communication with Whoever.

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