Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here's MY "tough question..."

The Strong Conservative: Biden Gets First Tough Interview of the Campaign

Finally some tough questions, and Joe "Gaffe Machine" Biden can't handle it. Biden clearly thinks that government is the agent that creates jobs in America, a fundamental misunderstanding of economics. The comparison of Obama's tax plan is spot on, and worthy of debate. Spreading the wealth around is a socialist idea, and socialism is communism under cover. Biden said, "Obama is more ready than John McCain." What a farce.
Ok, here's my tough question; when did you stop taking your meds?

Note that it's exactly the same sort of question, intended to convey the same sort of dismissive contempt. Exactly what you think is a "tough question."

In other words, not an actual question. I believe I speak for several million other somewhat-conservatives who consider you the sort of ass that makes it impossible to vote for anyone other than Obama, for fear that McCain would appoint you to some high office due to your obvious qualifications and insight into How Things Really Are.

Yep. You'd do a heckuva job, Brownie. Just like the blond cosmetic surgery survivor and her husband, the incompetent prostitute.

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