Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I GOT your Joke, Ace. I just don't WANT it.

It has long puzzled me why Conservatives so consistently embarrass themselves in Jon Swift's comment threads. Apparently someone should reprogram a GI-Joe to say "Funny is hard." Here's all too much evidence of what the readers (and writers) at Ace of Spades think is Real Conservative Humor.

Of course, he traps far more humorless liberals - in case you were about to Swiftly respond in that direction. But then, the more humorless a liberal is, the more distressed they are about the sort of people who start out a post with "What's the difference between a woman and a tuna."

The problem with humorless liberals is that they treat such people seriously, instead of treating them as they deserve (within the bounds of law.) Usta be, when I grew up, anyone who said such a thing in hearing of a woman could look forward to a ruthless snubbing - at the very best. Nowadays, it's become understood that a woman has the perfectly understandable right to do her own snubbing. At the very least. And, as I said, within the bounds of law.

Alas, this properly limits one to mockery and fine satire. But then again, fine satire IS a better contribution to our culture than any amount of swastika decorated vellum lampshades and no matter how much fine luck it would bring.

It appears that, in taking themselves beyond the point of parody, this sort of person has made themselves too embarrassing to associate with, and perhaps also betrayed that their judgment in large things is no better than their judgment in small matters.

To quote Papa Heinlein: "Justice is what you deserve. Mercy is what you hope you get." Words to live by, in these brave new days - if you are the sort of "conservative" that thinks people "should be able to take a joke."

Because SOME jokes should be taken all the way to the Hague. Along with their cheerleaders, should there be any doubt where I stand upon this point.

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