Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins and It's Barak-y night in Canada!

It's Barak-y Night in Canada! T-Shirt shirt

Celebrations abound world-wide at the realization that Democrats have gained a majority in all both houses of Congress. This changes everything - or so we all hope. There are gigantic issues to be dealt with, huge domestic issues, and worldwide expectations for Barack Hussain Obama. Particularly from a small, dusty town in Kenya, where they are no doubt partying their brains out now.

And no doubt if I were to walk across the street to the pub, I'd find quite an ebulliant mood there.

I just this second finished listening to Obama's victory speech - an amazingly well crafted and gracious speech, of which my wife said, "this is going to be one of those speeches, right?" As she is a teacher, I knew exactly what she meant. It will be played to first graders for the next century, just as was an historic predicessor from Ohio who spoke at another historic cusp: Abraham Lincoln.

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