Monday, March 09, 2009

Them librul city slickers jus' cain't get good redneck irony laik this.

When Hammerskins pinup star "Joe the Plumber" complains that the black leader of the RNC is trying to redefine conservatism, he may actually believe he's saying something sensible about Conservatism - but almost nobody else does, regardless of their politics or racial bias. The cognitive dissonance is so damn loud that it drowns everything out.

TPMDC | Talking Points Memo | Joe The Plumber Blasts Michael Steele's "Hip Hop" Ambitions: "'You can't sell principles; either you have them or you don't,'"

Exactly. And whatever principles people say they have, you can figure out the ones they actually use by the way they go about doing things. Since Joe's whole gig revolves around being a shamelessly opportunistic phony, and since we have seen what the policies he's pimping lead to, there's really only one conclusion to make; to the extent you find yourself in agreement, it's time to rethink the principles you thought you had.

You know, kinda like the banks. When you dilute your principles in order to maximize interest, bad things happen.


That writer guy said...

I love your blog, but please, I can deal with hearing about war and famine and the murder of kittens, just give fair warning if you're about to mention Joe the Plumber; my brain was reduced to mush hearing about him so much in the corporate media, I was just recovering and now I probably won't sleep for a week. Seriously though, a well written blog: you get your point across with evidence, then you stop. No bullshit involved.

plasmadis said...

Looky! Ah found one o' dem libruls! :p

Bob King said...

TWG: Thanks, although I don't ALWAYS stop. Sometimes I feel the need jeer and do a war-dance around the smoking crater that I wish was not just in my own imagination. :P

Plasmmadis: Hehe. I gotta make a t-shirt!


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