Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Graphic Truths from a comic

I wish I could draw half so well or speak as brutal a truth as eloquently as does Lesya, the creator of Denizens! Attention!

You see, I've been spending my time rediscovering my roots. Looking back on my life, where I came from, what I did, and what I thought important at the time. And the thread through it all, I'm pleased to say, has been ethics; the art and discipline of not being a complete waste of skin.

I most specifically include my time spent toiling within the so-called "adult" industry.

More on that another time; it doesn't fit this post, other than it was an area I needed to explore in my quest to understand the apparent need those with power seem to have to abuse those who are less powerful.

I think it's something we all need to understand better, given our recent history. Well, today I had just finished reading Alice Miller's groundbreaking work on the effects of toxic childrearing philosophies "For your Own Good (full text)" and then this came up as a recommended comic on DrunkDuck.com.

I choose to take that as a sign.

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