Friday, November 27, 2009

Who is this Winger Laird to Lightly Me?

I have difficulty keeping right-of-center sources in my sidebar. One large reason for this is that I will not send traffic where I expect that the people who represent that "traffic" will be disrespected.

I've had "the next right" in my sidebar for some weeks, and a couple-three days ago, I decided I wished to register an account for myself, so that I might contribute a comment.

The response was that my account had been deleted as a presumed spam account, based, perhaps based on my email (graphictruth at gmail dot com) and should this be in error,  I was to to respond to ... get this...

I did. I said (in part):

The question arises; is The Next Right what it purports to be, or is it administered like, oh, say, Free Republic? From my perspective, this seems - capricious, and sadly, the sort of behavior I've come to expect of people wishing to isolate themselves from any viewpoint that might be "tainted" by unorthodox thought. I admit readily that one should not make such a judgment upon one data point, but I must, if given no more.

I think at this point, it's MY turn to defer consent to participate until I have a chance to properly consider the balance of probablities.  However, seeing as there is currently a story headlined in a rather prominent sidebar location on my blog (  that contains direct misinformation about "Review Panels" conflated with a medical advisory review of standards for regular mammography, I do believe there IS some question about the editorial standards. It's not the first thing I've seen that's troubled me; I've seen some good things too. The question is, was it the good story that "slipped through the cracks?"

Convince me, Sir, that The Next Right is worth my time. If it's yet another variation on WorldNetDaily, Free Republic or Michelle Malkin, it is at best a redundancy, and my contributions would neither be welcome nor would they likely provoke any useful dialogue.
Three days later, I got a response complaining of the number of words it took me to say that I wasn't a spammer. Well, that would be correct, had that been what I'd been saying. Clearly, I was saying something a little more pointed than that.

I of course responded - but I won't share it, save to say I would be taking the link down. Now, here's where I establish why I'm wasting your precious photons with what might appear to be a silly blogwar.

You see, it really doesn't matter that I'm feeling miffed by this, nor am I even trying to justify my reaction to this at all. I'm a rather stuffy fellow at times. It should not matter that I'm a fairly stuffy fellow, with a rather high opinion of himself.

You may have noted that it is a trait I share with MANY conservative minded people. People who are sensitive of their good name, what it's worth, and what happens to it if it's associated with the wrong people.

The standard procedures, the appropriate courtesies, the traditional expectations of the behavior of peer unto peer - these are not standards that were set by limp-wrists and weak minds. They were set by touchy conservative types, people conscious of their worth, their good name - and the gun or sword at their hip which betokened their position, the honor they ought by right to be accorded, which was absolutely linked to their willingness to uphold the right, even in the face of discomfort and danger.

So don't look at my miffedness as beeing the wounded feelings of some effete and unmanly liberal-minded fool. is about ethics, and that means it's never had a trace of Kumbyah to it at all.

It's very essence is that there is, ultimately, a way to be sure what is the right way and what is the wrong way - and that once you are sure, you have a choice - stand up for what you know to be true, or wear a white feather in your lapel.

Well, thanks to such folks as the Next Right, I know what side of the border my lands do lie, and my knowing of this is summed up in the Balled of The Kinmont Willie.

186A.10  ‘O is my basnet a widow’s curch?
  Or my lance a wand of the willow-tree?
  Or my arm a ladye’s lilye hand?
  That an English lord should lightly me.
186A.11  ‘And have they taen him Kinmont Willie,
  Against the truce of Border tide,
  And forgotten that the bauld Bacleuch
  Is keeper here on the Scottish side?
186A.12  ‘And have they een taen him Kinmont Willie,
  Withouten either dread or fear,
  And forgotten that the bauld Bacleuch
  Can back a steed, or shake a spear?

That, sirrah, is the sense of my discontent. It's not that you are Right or Left; it's that you are as presumptous as an English border lord while all bereft of the force such arrogance needs to survive.

Fortunately - in the absence of conservatives springing up in the direct line of Burke and Goldwater, the left has met the need for themselves.

Begone, sirrah! You have been replaced.

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