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Evangalists of Moloch

I'm addressing this blog post to my fellow Canadians and to any Ugandans who may encounter it by accident. I'm going to be forwarding it to the Ugandan High Commission in Ottawa and to the attention of my member of Parlement, for there are a number of issues that they should be considering. 

I don't give a flying fig about the sin of homosexuality. I'm not convinced of the argument and for me it's moot. And if it is a sin, it's mentioned as being fairly much on the level of mixing flax and wool in one garment.

It's not mentioned at all in the big ten - but the bearing of false witness, that's right up there. So, if you must throw stones, you might consider starting there. And I assure you, all the things stated about gay people by those responsible for agitating you all to commit what is a legal and moral abomination are liars and are bearing false witness in the precise biblical sense. 

It's not difficult to find out that there is a great deal of evidence that these people are lying, and very, very, very little evidence to suggest that anything they say is true. Even their use of the Bible is... dubious. 

But I'll leave that to you. Because of one, overriding issue: "Thou Shall Not Commit Murder." That's what this is about. You are being encouraged to murder your neighbors. 

Because a "priest" tells you that is a good idea - claiming to speak for God. 

Any child may be born gay, and we don't really understand how that happens. But the direct advice to you by these people as to what to do with such children is directly equivalent to sacrifice of children to satisfy an angry pagan god.

The Bible is very direct about what should happen to people who sacrifice children to their god.

A government, encouraged by supposedly religious people people are saying God is in favor of murder. You should probably have a pretty damn good idea as to where this leads, given Africa's history over the last hundred-odd years. I'm not even going to bother making a religious argument against this idea. If your religion says it's good - than your religion is evil. Walk away. 

There's More

Here's a clue for you - if someone says it is a matter Higher Law to make a big bloody pile of corpses, that it is morally superior to kill than to live in peace and do business with those same people - they are wrong. From the perspective of faith - pick a faith, pretty much any faith. Hell, there are damn few atheists that won't agree. 

Anyone who does think it's a good thing to kill other people - ever - is dangerously stupid. You should avoid them. Just as I do. I object to Canadian aid going to Uganda in exactly the same way that I object to giving razor blades to emotionally disturbed teenagers.

Pogroms against homosexuals and witches - both encouraged by these sorts of God-bothering and hateful frauds - are not going to make Uganda or the rest of Africa better places to live.

Anyone may be accused of either "sin" and the results are usually to the advantage of the accuser. It's most often a convenient way of disposing of people who have an idea that others find troubling, or perhaps an acre or two of land that the accuser would like for themselves. Such is the history of such things.

Gentle people, when this sort of thing is being used to get an entire nation all hot and bothered, it's probably the nation itself that is seen as something that would look better in the hands of those that see themselves as most favored by God, a fact that is proven to them by their ability to get you to kill one another.

The bill has an American genesis of sorts, inspired to a large extent by the visits of U.S. evangelicals who are involved with a movement that promotes Christianity's role in getting homosexuals to become "ex-gays" through prayer and faith. Ugandan supporters of the bill appear to be particularly impressed by the ideas of Scott Lively, a California conservative preacher who has written a book, The Pink Swastika, about what he calls the links between Nazism and a gay agenda for world domination, which, by itself, would have raised the anti-colonial sensitivities of Ugandan society. Says the Rev. Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopalian priest from Zambia who authored a recent report on anti-gay politics in Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya: "The U.S. culture wars have been exported to Africa."
One of the bill's loudest supporters is a charismatic pastor, Martin Ssempa, who heads a Ugandan campus AIDS eradication organization that is funded in part by the U.S. and who was associated with the global outreach of Southern California's Saddleback Church, run by Rick Warren, author of best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life. Ssempa has a penchant for burning condoms. In 2007, he organized a rally against homosexuality to protest "homosexual agents and activists" who were "infiltrating Uganda." Asked how the anti-homosexuality bill might affect the fight against HIV and AIDS, Ssempa seemed bemused. "I don't see what this bill has to do with HIV," he told TIME. Warren, who has called Uganda a "purpose-driven nation," cut ties with Ssempa in October as controversy over the bill grew.

We in North America have come to know these people and the sort of people who listen to their appeals as being the dregs of western culture and the most opportunistic, corrupt and racist fools you are ever likely to meet. Quite aside from all of that, they will not tolerate sensible people, and are incapable of governing justly and for the common good. 

If you fear cultural imperialism - and of course, you should - well, take a good look. These are the same people that George Bush put in control of almost everything in the US government. These are the people that thought a Crusade against Islam was a really swell idea that would defeat (rather than inflame) the specter of international terrorism.

They want to take your entire culture and remake it in terms of their religion. And the only thing they worship is power. They are the children of Moloch - and we can know this by the fact that they prove their power by their ability to get YOU to shed the blood of innocents.

Speaking of imperialism - can you think of one imperialistic invasion that was NOT started with or enforced with missionaries and religion? I sure as hell can't.  

Their objective is to gain power over you, your lands, your resources, your families and your very souls. And there is no better tool for doing this than getting you to bloody your hands with the life of your neighbor, or even better, your children. 

So here's the deal, folks. I'm not going to be wasting much attention on Uganda until Uganda proves that it's not a waste of attention. We - and by "we," I mean the human race, can't afford this degree of stupid, particularly since we are also having to deal with it locally and personally. So my dollars and attention go to people who's stupidity is not utterly bloody revolting. 

Our planet is busy having hot flashes. Many of us may not have an easy time of it. Our choices are difficult now, they will become more difficult, and help will have to go to those best able to use that help to save the most people. This is triage, people. If you make yourselves utterly incapable of making useful choices, foolishly incapable of coping with difficult realities, no amount of help will help - and what few of you could be saved might well be a greater problem than if they were left to their own chosen fates. 

When you make choices that make it impossible for you to even accept information and aid that you absolutely need to make civilized choices - well, what little aid can be given must go to those who will be smart enough and ethical enough to not use it against others. 

Take this blog post to underline my point. So long as this sort of social cancer is permitted, so long as you take people like Warren and his Ugandan sock-puppet, Martin Ssempa seriously, there's no good reason to send good money after bad. 

A man too stupid to understand what this bill (much less condom-burning) has to do with the spread of AIDS is too damnably stupid to be permitted influence.  Sensible people will ignore and evade this law - and question the utility of the rule of law itself. 

Evil people will use this law to punish their enemies. No good will come of it and it will make ANY good outcome - regarding aids or any other thing - difficult to impossible. 

So the only sensible thing to say to someone from Uganda hoping for aid is - sorry, there's a mess you need to do something about first. You might want to start by un-electing anyone stupid or corrupt enough to even consider this bill. Personally, you need to just stop talking to anyone who thinks that anything it expresses is a good idea. 

Oh, and you might just want to find out how AIDS is transmitted. You will never, ever, EVER defeat any real evil or any real disease if you keep blaming it on witches and homosexuals. Killing people will not cure the disease. It will make people who don't have it think they are safe, since they are neither witches or gay.

The stupidest possible thing you could ever do is to embrace a religious movement that has such intimate ties with racism and which, historically, sees black people as being somewhere on the spectrum between livestock and fertilizer. 

AIDS comes from having unprotected sex with someone who does have AIDS, who got it from someone who didn't believe they had it.  Stop doing that. 

A final observation excerpted from a 2005 article in the Washington Blade by Wayne Besen, author of “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals & Lies Behind the ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth” (Haworth Press) Highlights are mine.

What we will focus on is the impact of Warren’s ignorant statement and how it is a catalyst for spreading HIV. Indeed, Warren is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.
While working on my book “Anything But Straight,” I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of openly gay evangelicals. I also met so-called ex-gays who were trying to unsuccessfully change their sexual orientation.

When churches made the people I interviewed feel that their love was “unnatural,” as Warren suggests, they became depressed and their self-esteem inevitably plummeted. A significant factor in HIV prevention is making people feel they are worthy of living.

People with self worth will usually take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, while those who believe their love is sin or unnatural are less likely to make smart decisions in the heat of the moment.

What is the incentive for a person who believes that God despises the way they experience love to wear a condom?

Many of the “ex-gay” men I interviewed went through what I call the “sin and repentance cycle.” They refrained from sex for long periods of time until the dam inevitably broke. Then they would go on wild, guilt-ridden sexual binges where safer sex was an afterthought.

The Warrens can offer all the syrupy “love” they want. But, from my experience, the very people they are most likely to reach, gay Christian closet cases, will only hear their unloving condemnation, which can lead to self-destructive behavior.

IF THE WARRENS really want to help prevent the spread of HIV, they will recognize the inherent beauty in all relationships, including gay relationships, and celebrate successful same-sex unions.

Encouraging long-term relationships is much more likely to stem the spread of HIV than calling their love “unnatural.”

The Warren family can also begin by holding their fellow evangelicals accountable for their anti-gay assaults. For example, the American Family Association is hawking an “ex-gay” video, “It’s Not Gay.”

On the cover of the video is Michael Johnston, an “ex-gay” leader who left ministry in 2003 after he allegedly had unsafe sex with several men in Norfolk, Va. To make matters worse, Johnston is HIV-positive.

So, it is disgusting for the AFA to continue promoting a product featuring the disgraced ex-gay. They are not only committing fraud, but they are helping to spread HIV.

If Rick and Kay Warren want to be useful, they can call the AFA to demand this garbage be expeditiously pulled from their website.

AIDS has killed millions while evangelicals have been indifferent or judgmental. If they want to get in the compassion game a quarter of a century after the fact, they can at least do so with basic respect for our lives.

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