Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Pitt Sinks the Hook

William Rivers Pitt of Truthout has quite a knack for setting up a story.

The Scum of the Earth

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, GOP luminaries Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh have once again waded into a catastrophic tragedy with all the care and concern of hammerhead sharks unleashed into a fish tank full of orphans. 

As I sit and flick between channels, it's impossible to avoid the images of disaster and human anguish - and yet, these two men, who are without shame in guiding the souls of Conservatives into a handbasket destined for hell, these two men see this disaster as merely another opportunity to press partisan positions.

It does have the advantage of clarifying the nature of the partisanship.

If you are black, if you are poor, if you genuinely need help, not merely a tax break, if you belong to the wrong faith - a faith that buys no gold mines and blood diamonds for Mr. Robinson - then the sooner you die and create a real estate opportunity, the better.

This is the manifestation of their republicanism we saw first in Katrina and now we see it in completely unalloyed odium toward Haiti. Because, after all, Haitians are not citizens. Not even a modicum of false compassion need be displayed. It's completely without apparent consequence to them to display their soulessness.

Mr. Robertson, Mr. Limbaugh, yes, their IS evil in this world, and yes, it's clear that some people have made pacts with the devil. But Mr. Robertson, please keep your intra-union disputes out of the public eye. It's distasteful.

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