Tuesday, January 05, 2010

That's mighty white of you, Dale!

H/t to Skippy for this one:

The Washington Independent brings us this moment of revelatory hilarity, in which it is revealed that "All it takes to start a new meeting is resentment and a pot of tea."

Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org, is getting stung for an old photo — taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston — in which he holds a sign reading “Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar.”

After the ResistNet listerv promoted “Liberty Concerts” to be held by TeaParty.org, a source passed on this photo of Robertson, after the jump.

Update: Josh Parker of the Houston Tea Party Society tells me that Robertson was booted out of the event for this sign.
So, if I'm parsing this correctly; rather than accepting that the movement is not helped by the growing perception that the Teabagging movement is composed largely gullible white trash blessed with a command of social graces as sophisticated as their english skills, Dale Robertson thinks the appropriate response is to start up his OWN teabagging org to properly represent "real umurikins just laik him."

Well, I'm sure the John Birch Society, the Council of Concerned Citizens and the Hammerskins view this as a positive development. 

Tell ya what, bunkie, I know where you ouggta be handing out your fliers. You'll feel right welcome here!

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