Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin Cops call for a Fresh Deck and a New Deal

I wonder if Walker truly comprehends what sort of situation he could be in. The entire public service infrastructure wants to see him dangling from a light-pole, but will no doubt settle for a perp-walk and an orange jumpsuit.

And no doubt persons wishing to have a political future in Wisconsin are considering their options.

Meanwhile, folks... let me point out a few obvious things. If you have a mansion or a warehouse, it's probably not a good idea to threaten people who know how to burn it down and get away with it. Assuming, of course, that the arson investigators would notice something as subtle as Molotov cocktail fragments.

But wait, if the arson investigators are laid off... hm. What DOES that do to the insurance claim? Goodness me, I have no idea. At the very least, it complicates matters. Certainly, the current situation clearly has seized the attention of the police department. If I were on a public list of donors to the Walker campaign, I'd be trying to figure out how to distance myself - and my first call would be to my tax accountant!

Consider the math. Non-violent crimes against those donors will have a priority somewhere below jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk.

And all those people who got the tax breaks, for which all this nonsense is intended to fund? Hm... well, if all these public sector workers are locked out - every project that legally requires a state sign-off is on hold. No building permits. No environmental impact statements reviewed. No re-certifications of meat packing or cheese making. Short-staffed or un-staffed, all they could possibly do is shut your operation down, to ensure public health and safety.

And that, of course, is simply the direct, obvious and legal consequences. People laid off in the Department of Public works - won't stop knowing how to use a backhoe. And if broad ditches should appear cutting off non-tax-paying businesses from public roads, well, that would be a firing offense, as well as iillegal. If you had a job, of course, and if anyone was particularly interested in catching you.

...I could go on.

Former Governer Walker - you see, I'm a futurist, stating an obvious future... assholes who say, "I'm the big dog, and you gotta do what I say, 'cause whatcha gonna do about it?" had best stop well short of putting people in a position where being in jail means better meals and medical care than being an obedient serf.
Particularly if the police ain't interested in properly investigating crimes committed by people other than you.

You see, moments like this illustrate why civility and good attention for the sensibilities and interests of your political opponents are vital. Sabotage proper and fair procedure and people will revert to older, but reliable means of ensuring good and effective government.

Tar, feathers and a split rail are a proven means of dispensing with sociopaths. The rule of law is preferable, of course, and that is why it's a traditional Conservative value to colour within the lines.

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