Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why I'm Not Voting for "Harper's Government."

The G20 summit caused chaos in Canada’s largest city and accomplished nothing other than a $1-billion photo-op for Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Monday during a campaign stop in Toronto

"The Harper Government," illustrated above, is not Conservative, save in the depressingly Neoconservative (Neoliberal) sense. And that is to say, not at all. Ignatieff is wrong; that billion dollars was well spent, if you understand what Harper's Government was trying to achieve; what he was trying to communicate to ordinary citizens and the world.

[N]ot only is the Conservative vision of an executive based, uniform and militaristic nation-state a coherent and substantive vision, but the Harper government has taken concrete and bold steps during a short minority government to make this vision standard operating practice.  It is time this was broadly acknowledged. The orthodoxy that the Harper government is a government that doesn’t do much be less superficially circulated. And a consideration of all that exists inside the otherwise thin description of the Harper government brand be undertaken.   Perhaps it is time to recognize that in current practice the Harper government is the government of Canada and the government of Canada is the Harper government.  If people do not like that equation then they should respond to the substance of this equation rather than just questioning the act of rebranding itself.
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