Friday, December 09, 2011

Godless Athiests Persecute Rick Perry with Mockery of Jesus!

Blasphemy! ... or IS it?

As our comic impersonator put it...

"What have gays in the military ever done to Rick Perry other than keeping him safe while he executed the mentally retarded?"

When you read the Words in Red, Jesus had a few blunt things to say about the Pharisees of his day, the ones that made a big, fat hairy deal about public piety. He had a few choice parables about people who talked the talk but didn't actually walk the walk. And whatever you might think of an actor portraying Jesus...

...the gist of the Gospels is that you ARE supposed to be impersonating Jesus. Or to put it in the terms of modern sunday-school Christianity; "What WOULD Jesus Do?"

So the question is not whether it's bad to impersonate Jesus. It's not. The question is, if you attempt to impersonate Jesus, would anyone know that's what you are doing?

If you HAVE to take out an ad to say that you are "not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian..." while attacking the President for supposedly "persecuting" your faith... well, after this, I'd be ashamed as all hell to be mistaken for anyone even remotely LIKE you.

But I have a word for "Christians" like Rick Perry.


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