Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sometimes politics and money do go together!

Gas Prices and CafePress

Q: What’s the buzz in the halls of CafePress today?
A: Gas Prices – but probably not for the reason you think…

The buzz actually has very little to do with how much it’s costing us to get to work (and for some of us it’s a lot), what we’re discussing is how quickly our community of Shopkeepers respond to current events with new designs. If something is hot in the news our Shopkeepers are sure to have designs expressing their thoughts before we know what’s hit us – they’re truly on the ball.

We are beginning to see the CafePress design community as an interesting barometer of public interest. Right now everyone is talking about gas prices, people are looking at gas price related merchandise, it affects each and every last one of us, and we have over 1000 gas price related items available in the marketplace (

Another great example of timely response to news was the hunting incident involving Dick Cheney, there are over 1200 designs, and most of them were there a week or so after the incident.

Now, I've been saying this for years. I KNOW I was saying it loudly in 2004. Did anyone listen to me? No. Well, I'm used to that. Usually I'm 2 to 4 years ahead.

So here's a chunk of the press release.

Speak Out America - Protest Rising Gas Prices!:

CafePress Leads Gas Price Protest with Promise to Send Top Selling Merchandise to US Officials and an Offer Equivalent to 1 Free Gallon of Gas

FOSTER CITY, CA May 8, 2006 - CafePress, a leader in user-designed merchandise of self-expression, issued a challenge to the American people today in the form of a gas price protest. With gas prices on the rise and Congress at a point of indecision, the independent CafePress design community began creating hundreds of new 'gas price' related products, sending a clear message that this is a topic people are passionate about. In an effort to send a send clear message from the CafePress community, the two top selling 'gas price' designs will be printed on t-shirts and sent the offices of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, House Majority Leader John A. Boehner, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, CafePress is offering buyers $3.00* off all 'gas price' related orders over $20**.
I'll blog when I've got my stuff active - but I really don't care so much if you buy mine as I care about the faces of the politicians. I've thrown a search below (mainly to see if it will work) and you can see the variety of opinions out there on various energy-related keywords.

And when I do have my designs up, I'll make sure there's a very cheap option - so buy LOTS!

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