Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gandi's Seven Deadly Social Sins

When Gahndi was asked what he thought about Western Civilization he said "It would be a good idea." The only person to successfully eject a colonial power without armed struggle, noted for his wit as much as his wisdom, Gandi's example of how to resist oppression is an example of how to do political struggle without losing the distinction between "Us" and "them."

The image to your right comes from products labeled as Gandhi's Family Values

I think they are far more useful as precepts than anything you will find on the AFF website. Easier to remember, too.

One of the So Called Little People
- a none-too-subtle reference to neocon contempt for votors and persons that disagree with the neocon agenda.

The Seven Deadly Social Sins - Neoconservatism in a Nutshell.

Politics without principle - Wealth without work - Commerce without morality - Pleasure without conscience Education without character - Science without humanity - Worship without sacrifice Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

aren't these great principles? you can read some commentary on them at


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