Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Brother Wears Prada

Greg Palast has a special message for Anne Coulter.

Going through it, I must, admit, is heavy going: ‘Godless’ is a 300-page brick of solid meanness and pin-head hatreds packaged like a fashion magazine: Big Brother wears Prada.

You accuse those who don’t sign on to your list of prejudices as the Lord’s enemies. That’s not original, Anne: the Taliban thought of it before you and they too were partial to dressing in black.

You want to talk about Godless? OK, let’s go:

Would the Lord lie us into a war?

Would the Lord let thousands drown in New Orleans while chilling at a golf resort?

Would the Lord have removed tens of thousands of Black soldiers from the voter rolls as the Republican Party did in 2004?

Rhetorical questions all. And of course Greg is publishing his own book at the same time: "Armed Madhouse." You can find it at the link.

I'm planning on reading neither - I can come to my own conclusions, and while I admire Greg greatly - it's unlikely that new facts will do more than underline what I already know. But I'll wait for the reviews.

As for Coulter - the woman is a living illustration of the idea that "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People."

She is clearly intelligent and well-informed; two vital realities that contradict everything she says about "libruls." It is simply not possible for her to honestly believe what she says.

She may dishonestly believe her own propaganda - in which case she has a serious mental problem or is a concious propagandist.

In the latter case, she's awful at it. I speak with some professional appreciation of the craft of propaganda. Obvious and verifiable lies tend to undermine your credibility, making it quite difficult to slip in a real whopper now and again.

If you need a copy of her work to establish your Bushite Bona-Fides, it would be far more apt to get a scan of the dust jacket printed and wrap it around a bound collection of Playboy. That captures the essence of both Coulter - and the superficial nature of Bushism.

Or perhaps better - buy Armed Madhouse, wrap Anne around it, and then if you get caught considering how to spin these facts away, or at least talk around them - you won't be reported to the RNC by some glaze-eyed intern for disloyalty to The New Reality, where all facts are dismissed by Imperial Pronouncements - such as Anne's.

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