Friday, June 09, 2006

What if we just trusted people to make their own choices?

What Happens When There Is No Plan B?

This WaPo story illustrates the sort of individual consequence that can occur when policy makers make decisions in favor of the preferences of large groups, instead of in favor of individual choice.

Now, you might read that as a rabidly pro-choice statement. And I am rabidly pro-choice - because I am practically and morally convinced there are some decisions that it is wrong to interfere with.

Reproductive choice is one of those choices - for the simple reason that there is no legislature, no policy maker, no ideologue that is wise enough to make a blanket policy that will not harm people in their well-meaning rush to moralistic solutions.

I believe in choice so that people are able to make wise decisions based on their circumstances - and I also believe that if you wish a particular decision to predominate, you should be willing to accept the cost yourself, rather than imposing it on those primarily affected by it.

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