Monday, June 26, 2006

First And Last Open Trackback

The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns


Anti-Bush Sticker One

I applied to get onto Samantha Burns's Open Trackback Alliance list - without careful due dilligence. And then, as I was preparing to send my very best, something went click...

I was participating in a circle jerk.

Yes, a term from my bad old days as an internet pornographer, but even then I had more class than to manipulate search engines with spammish linkage.

No, no, I take that part back - partially. Not spam - but definitely an echo chamber. You see, as I looked at the list of folks I would trackback to that day - I didn't see anyone that even approached the right side of center.

Instead, I would have to have accepted trackbacks such as this from "THM's Bacon Bits." No truths to be found in "more inconvenient truths about the religion of global warming," just uninformed mockery and willful disbelief.

Oh, and four hundred years ago, fella me lad, we burned wood and coal. Lots and lots and lots of it, while the plains were black with bison. But yes, the evidence is not absolutely conclusive that man is causing global warming, all by his lone self. We do know, however, that greenhouse gasses contribute, so clearcutting rain forests and driving 12mpg monstrosities fueled with petrodiesel is just plain dumb. And meanwhile, whatever or Whoever is causing it - it might be an idea to Have A Plan.

Ah, but I rant. Such twaddle annoys me. It goes beyond wingnuttery and way off into the twilight zone of truly irrelevant opinion. And that is what this echo chamber is all about. Facts are so inconvenient when maintaining a poise of total self-rightious complacency.

I pulled the graphic and link from my template while at the same time wiping off dittohead cooties. I swear to goddess, there is not an original thought expressed in any site there. Even the vicarious wishes for the mutilations and death of inconveniently persuasive Liberals and members of the Reality Based Community. Smile when you call me a liberal, sonny boy!

So, since I cannot find Samantha Burns's email for to save my very life, will someone PLEASE tell her to take me off her circle jerk - I mean, self promotion strategy?

It may not really be a "circle jerk" but I sure as hell know crap traffic when I see it.

I mean, I just consider the sources.

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