Thursday, June 29, 2006

God, I love the smell of reality in the morning.

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Media, others finally recognizing the President's seizure of law-breaking powers

In that regard, I believe these signing statements actually perform a critically important service. They bring out into the open the theories of monarchical power which this administration has adopted. By expressly stating in the signing statements that he has the right to violate these law, the President is explicitly acknowledging that he has seized these powers. The signing statement itself is not the instrument by which he has seized those powers, but is merely a reflection -- an overt acknowledgment -- of the fact that the President has, in fact, seized those powers. It is the powers themselves, and not the statements in which they are asserted, that are so significant.

But there is no doubt that public debate over the President's extremist theories is, finally, intensifying, and that is a development that should be celebrated by anyone who believes that we ought to adhere to our constitutional traditions. The President has been able to claim unlimited powers only because most Americans have been unaware that he has done so. Defending these theories out in the open is not something this administration wants to do -- why would it? -- and now that the press is beginning to understand what is truly at stake, the opportunity exists to force them to do so.

Of course, we must then consider what response will be made to the inevitable Winger retort: "So? Whatcha think ya can do about it, Pussy?" I'm certain that, give or take a "fucktard" or two, that's a pretty exact transcript of what's being said in freepland right now, and in less colorful language, will be repeated in the talking points delivered to those who whack the sides of the Echo Chamber.

But I'm sure an answer will come to mind.

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