Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feingold for President? I could live with that.

Russ Feingold For President - Home: (quoting Russ Fiengold)

"'What we have done by becoming mired in Iraq, and by deciding to change the balance of power in that region, is enable Iran and Syria to be much more open in tormenting Israel, the United States and our allies,' Feingold, a longtime supporter of Israel, said in an interview Sunday. 'They don't have any restraints on them. They know that we're tied down. They see a window of opportunity being created by the fact that we are stuck in Iraq.'"

Wow! A politician who doesn't have shit for brains! I could vote for that!

I have a higher opinion of him than implied by such ironic faint praise - given his past track record, I like him a lot better than I like EITHER Clinton. Still, it's amazing how LITTLE praise is needed to raise him above the common herd.

UNlike the Clintons, he considers the Constitution to be his guide to doing the right thing, not an obstacle to accomplishing a well-intentioned but ultimately foolish (and doomed) agenda. Indeed, if it comes down to it, I think he stands head and shoulders above Al Gore. In a metaphorical sense of course.

Oh, Al, please don't take this the wrong way. I think you are absolutely WASTED in politics. Keep on speaking truth to power and helping people smart enough to LISTEN to you get elected. You are at your best when you are unconcerned with the specter of political consequence and unfettered from "handlers."

My fellow libs may be concerned with his left-leaning ways - but then I think leaning left in favor of individuals is no sin, and he's a budget and deficit hawk, so I'm better satisfied than one might otherwise think.

And more to the point, I do believe that a hard shove leftward to get the government back somewhere close to the middle would be a good thing all 'round. I don't know about others, but I'm really, really tired of being called a "Liberal" for saying things that suggest that a government that doesn't operate on primitive spinal reflex to Pavlovian triggers might just be a better option for all Americans.

Especially those of us concerned about, oh, not being vaporized, drowned, crushed under falling buildings or starving in the dark, when oil hits 200 bucks a barrel - and there's still no alternatives.

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