Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - clearly yanking the chains of the True Believers -:

LAURA LEE DONOHO: "I propose a Giuliani - Romney ticket. As a southerner I understand my part of the country very well and I know we will support a Giuliani-Romney ticket in a New York Minute."

Hmm. What do the rest of you think?

Which Presidential pairing would you prefer in 2008?
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Um... speaking as someone who would like to vote for an actual Republican of integrety, who has no obvious skeletons in his closet....

None of the above.

Speaking as someone who honestly feels that the Republican Party deserves to wander in the wilderness until Newt "Moses" Gingrich is safely dead - either works for me.

I mean, if these two tickets represent the best strategic thinking of what remains of the the Republican Right, I may actually go so far as to lay twenty bucks down on the 2008 elections now, while I can get the juicy odds.

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