Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jesus' General opens a Cute Offensive

Kitten War
I should freaking know better!

JG has entered some warriors into the great Kitten War site and wishes your support.

As a matter of curiosity I clicked.

I don't usually mention being multiple as usually it's not relevant, but in this case I found myself sitting there, hunched over the keyboard and vaguely sure I must be sitting on someones lap, or perhaps a phone book, clicking madly and saying "dat one! Dat one! Oooooh! DAT one!"

This is what we in the field refer to as a "multiple moment," when some unexpected thing causes a spontaneous switch. It can be a good thing, like kittens, or a bad thing, like Benny Hill or a multiple injury accident, but it brings a spontaneous, visceral response, generally in the form of a brand new personality sitting where what we laugingly refer to as "I" was a moment before.

Tip for being a sane multiple: Go with the flow. Nobody was ever harmed by spending a moment or two being a delighted child. Frankly, it's something more folks should remember to do more often.

As for the "multiple injury accident;" should you find yourself in such a situation, and suddenly feel that you are about a mile behind your own eyeballs, watching as your body somehow reacts to the situation in a very precise and co-ordinated way to extract you or others from peril - don't worry if you have suddenly gone insane. It's called "dissociation," and it's a survival thing.

"Crazy" is a judgement call made by those who feel everyone should react predictably, all the time, even if that would mean behaving as usefully as the First Blond in a horror movie. Clearly, this is a definition that is not all that useful to you in the moment. React now; worry about what people may think later.

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