Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Sainted Barry Goldwater

I KNEW I was Conservative at heart! But in the latest "find your political home" tests, I keep coming up as a hardcore liberal because I believe in things Barry Goldwater believed in too. Someone moved the goalposts while I wasn't looking!

Though he’s often depicted as the father of conservatism, Barry Goldwater would be considered a moderate today. He was firmly pro-choice, a supporter of gay rights and, in his later years, said that he thought it was okay for gays to serve in the military.

CC Goldwater on Barry and the GOP - Newsweek Politics - "“Trust and fear cannot coexist at the same time,” Barry said. Anyone who motivates our decisions by fear cannot restore the principles of a country founded in freedom. “I will support whoever is running our country as long as they abide by those principles and will run our country and not our lives.”"

And I won't support those who do the opposite. "If This be Liberalism, make the most of it!"

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