Friday, January 19, 2007

Googlebomb McCain for Peace

We must destroy his credibility in order to save it. Or is it that "It takes a global village to raze some McCain?"

On The Left Tip: Googlebombing is In The Air

Via this post by Chris Bowers on the recommended list at Daily Kos:
--1. Finding a recent new article from an established news sources that focuses on McCain's support of George Bush. I have determined that the first such article will be the beautifully titled McCain Defends Bush's Iraq Strategy from the Associated Press. It is hard to get any better than that. In fact, it was seeing that headline today that gave me the idea to conduct this campaign.
--2. For an extended period of time, several weeks if necessary, having as many people on the internet as possible embed a hyperlink to the chosen article whenever they use the word McCain, John McCain, Senator John McCain, McCain 2008, or any other popular search term on McCain.

--3. Having as many bloggers as possible place that same embedded hyperlink into the templates of their blog. Instructions on how to do this, and why it is important, can be found here. This will multiply the impact of any Googlebomb on McCain several hundred times. This process is also helped if people on community websites place the appropriate embeded McCain hyperlink in the signature line of their user interface.

--4. Monitoring the progress on the current McCain Googlebomb until it moves into the top five results on McCain in Google. Once this is accomplished, and it should only take a few weeks, we then start the process over again at step one with a different news article that tells the truth on McCain.
So Google Bomb John McCain. No McCain 2008, No John McCain, No McCain, no Straight Talk Express, and certainly no maverick can spew the party line and not get called on it.
I have to emphasize that the "new plan" is no more a plan than the old, completely non-existent plan. And to answer McCain's collywobbling - the worst that could happen in the region is - in my humble opinion, still no worse and slightly better than having it happen with us still there. The odds of some sort of worst happening, Sen. McCain, are not improved by staying this course, the previous course or any course supported by you or the Miserable Failure.

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