Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mentioned In Dispatches

You know, in the old days of print journalism, where I started out, at keyboard and layout "stone", an entire career could pass without being quoted in the Columbia Journalism Review.

But I have been Mentioned in Dispatches!
CJR Daily: Reporting (and Blogging) Across the Pond: "While the fear of losing access is undoubtedly real, many in the blogosphere felt it was not a compelling enough argument to go soft on politicians. Bob King of graphictruth questioned the very necessity of the Washington press corps, opining: 'Journos seem terrified that they will be denied access to the President's incoherent ramblings and Tony Snow's nonsense. I figured out years ago that all I need to know about either is that their lips are moving. Why in heavens name would you waste a perfectly good reporter on such a meaningless job?' King continued, criticising American journalists' 'unwillingness to ask awkward questions' as well as their 'unwillingness to deal with complicated issues.'
Goodness, mercy me. This Internet thing is really starting to catch on.

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