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Beam us up, Spocko!

Revisiting the Law of Unintended Consequences

It's refreshing to know that this issue isn't being ignored simply because I haven't blogged about it for a few days. I admit that sounds arrogant as hell, but really, it's just thanksgiving that my unaccountable ability to shut down a discussion threads - something akin to a nun at an orgy - does not apply to the internet as a whole. At any rate, the far-right hate media, such as the far-too-common examples on KSFO are finding out what happens when their free speech is piped out of their comfy little call-screened ghetto.

A graphic summation of Hate Talk Radio 560 from YouTube - one of several possible examples to be found there.

Meanwhile, they continue their attempts to "blog." Melanie Morgan actually writes for World Net Daily, proving for sure that here ideas are not the result of some strange manifestation of Tourette's Syndrome. In Death by Liberal Activism, she takes on the Godless Liberal Hordes of the Weather Channel, dastardly advocates of that Liberal Chimera, Global Warning. I'm not quite sure what the title has to do with the topic, other than the usual - equating "death" with "Liberalism."

Project much, Mel?

And considering that even George Bush has accepted - kinda - the latest reports on global warming, it's a little silly for her to be continue beating a overheated horse. Silly, but apparently profitable.

She is proudly headlined as a World Net Daily Exclusive Columnist. I think we can let that observation stand, with all the dreadfully obvious conclusions left unstated.

Lets return to KSFO and the Not Ready For WorldNetDaily Players.

David Gold

The most loquacious, and I grudgingly admit, not at all bad.

I suspect he may be a real conservative, instead of the expected
Rovian Tool

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

One entry, but a surprisingly good one.
But then, he also blogs here
Toward Tradition
and here at
Welcome to my Blogroll,
Reb Daniel!

Lee Rodgers

One Entry:


We love you too, Lee!

Officer Vic

Has written nothing.

Of course, given the quality of his spoken words, it's a blessing if he is, as I suspect, functionally illiterate.

So, two that WorldNetDaily wouldn't consider because they express individual, considered conservative opinions, and two that are - shall we say - sub-par even by WorldNetDaily standards. One made the cut, because of her mastery of that Rovian Rhetorical tool, innuendo. combined with a complete lack of that great Liberal value - any evident sense of proportion or of the absurd.

But all told, I'd have to say that I'm grudgingly impressed. I had expected the lineup to be all wing-nut, all the time, and this post to be yet another exercise in duck hunting with claymore mines.

As I've observed more than once: "It's not SUPPOSED to be this easy!"

Maybe - just maybe - there is hope for America, if otherwise sane and sensible Conservatives intelligently (and as far as I can tell, honestly) advocating their considered positions without slavish adherence to the ever-changing and never-conservative Administration line.

I should like to publicly ask both both Rabbi Lapin and David Gold to express their personal positions on fair use, copyright, and the reasonable consequences of speech in the public square at public expense.

If Lee Kelso, Officer Vic and Melanie Morgan are not a textbook example of The Tragedy of the Commons, I don't know what is. That link leads to a particularly good, well-balanced Wikipedia article, I should add.

Rabbi Lapin has written an excellent piece touching some of these issues already - (I Warned You that Ancient Jewish Wisdom Discouraged Investing in Sirius Satellite Radio,)
I hopes for an excellent discussion of the topic.

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