Friday, February 09, 2007

A Graphictrivia Special Entry.

Falling for things like this is why I rule at Trivial Pursuit, even though it bores the stones off me.

"A fact a day keeps the bible away." That's a bloody great bumpersticker!

africans - The return of PURE FACT

One thing I do delight in receiving, however, is factual information. My father once told me that a fact is like a lump of coal - solid, carbon based, and it burns brightly in the darkness. Compared to fact, whimsy and humour are like damp pinecones. Bloody useless. With a body of knowledge built on undisputed fact, a man may argue flawlessly, assured that he is more right than any callow dissenter. Armed with fact, wars can be won, and enemies crushed. A fact a day keeps the bible away, my grandfather used to say. He was a naval man, and did not gladly suffer a fool. He lived and died by the fact.

I've taken the liberty to go ahead and scour my email inbox, and pluck out the best facts I could find, for your perusal, and the embroadening of your mind. I have decided to do you this kindness, because today I am feeling benevolent. Don't hesitate to soak in what you can, because my mood won't last, and I'll probably beat you for trying to steal my thoughts.

Um, no, I didn't bother to fact check the factoids related at the link. Take this article - and source - seriously at your own risk.

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